Valentine’s day performer-Shri Amaram Raj Kumar

Shri Amaram Rajkumar, executive member of Harmonica Lovers of Hyderabad (Regd.), a man of simplicity and one of the senior harmonica players of Hyderabad was born in a Royal family of Secunderabad. He’s a retired employee of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, but still serving the AP state Govt in the same Dept where he retired. Mr Rajkumar was inspired to pick harmonica by his friend Late Shri. Cyrus Mehta, a sailor who always used to carry a harmonica in his pocket in the early 60’s. Shri Rajkumar has been playing the harmonica since his college days has performed many a times in various prestigious auditoriums including Ravindra Bharati. Several news papers have written lot about his talent. Apart from harmonica playing Mr Rajkumar also has a grand collection of rare LPs, EPs and cassettes of his favorite artistes like Shri Milon Gupta, Shri Madan Kumar and also some western artists.

Mr Rajkumar, another front runner of HaLoH, never waits for any invitation to play the harmonica. When he plays the harmonica, at least 10% of Indira Park can feel the vibrations of his harmonica and he can manage a huge audience without a mike. This is one of the reasons why we usually start and end our harmonica sessions with him.

This Sunday, we were all awaiting Mr Rajkumar and he appeared in a cool pink T-shirt with charming looks. No wonder we realized that it was Valentine’s Day and he played all LOVE songs on harmonica. The session started with the song ‘Oh Maria’ (from the film ‘Sagar’) by me followed by other players. Finally, it was Shri Rajkumar’s turn to say ‘SAYONARA’ on his favorite Hohner Chrometta14 (from the film ‘Love in Tokyo’) for the day. Please watch this video.

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