Binaca Geet Mala on Harmonica by Sanat Kumar

Mr. Sanath Kumar is an IITian and Structural Design engineer by profession. His first introduction to Harmonica was through Binaca Geet Mala of yesteryears. Sanath Kumar recalls his uncle who used to play a small harmonica. Once, during his visit to Bombay while he still was a college student, he purchased a Blue Hero diatonic harmonica from the roadside and thus his journey with harmonica began. Initially, after several years of struggle to get a harmonica teacher, he managed to buy an audio tape of Hindi tunes played by the Legendary Harmonica player, Milon Gupta, which served as a Bible for him. He considers any player(s) who have played a song well as his Guru of that particular song.

Mr. Sanath Kumar strongly believes there is an ever-growing interest and an unprecedented boom in the number of harmonica players. The rise of extremely talented and well-trained young-players all over India is an authentic indicator of a bright future for this little instrument.

He recalls his first visit at HaLoH in the year 2008. He says it was an exhilarating experience to meet so many like-minded harmonica players for the first time in his life at Indira Park.  We wish Mr. Sanath Kumar all the best for his upcoming ventures.