Sumanta Basu-Love from the land of melody - Part 2

Visitors of this blog might remember we posted an article on Sumanta Basu -"Love from the land of melody" and his album " Those were the days"


Now you can enjoy those videos. You will agree with us that Sumanta's recording and video editing skills are no less than that of any professional sound engineer and film editor.

Our team mate Ramana, along with Rameswram visited one of his favorite harmonica artist Sumanta Basu at his home. Sumanta played a perfect host during their visit to his home. Sumanta is not only a harmonica virtuoso but also a wonderful painter, canvas maker, photographer, composer, lyricist and a great human being. He introduced our team mates to his mother and other family members. Their meeting commenced with tasty Bengali lunch along with most tasteful discussions about harmonica. Later, they entered into the land of melody (Sumanta's music room cum home recording dash board). Sumata understood the passion of these two guys and answered all their queries with patience and passion. He showed them what he does for the creation of his music and elaborated everything step-by step explaining the nitty gritties of each step. This opened a new window of knowledge for Ramana and Rameshwaram. Sumanta promised to visit Hyderabad to meet all HaLoH members.

Sumanta's views on learning to play the harmonica:

Rather than sticking to original scale never compromise on comfort level

Play harmonica from the heart

Harmonica sounds sweeter in second octave rather than on first octave

Listen vocal version of the songs several times to know the expressions of the songs and then practice on harmonica

Playing harmonica by ear may cause flaws.

Know the basics of music and play song as per the notation.