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I believe, every human being on this earth has an attachment to a place which could be his birth place, the place where he grew up or studied, the place where he fell in love with someone or may be a place related to his religious beliefs. Shri B. Vinayak, the backbone of HaLoH (Harmonica Lovers of Hyderabad) has a similar attachment to the city of joy-Kolkata. I believe the reason behind this attachment can be best described by Shri B. Vinayak himself. I request him to describe his bonding with Kolkata and his experiences at this city in his recent trip. Vinayak ji, are you reading this?

On learning about Shri Vinayak’s trip to Kolkata, I had given him a piece of paper with a name and a mobile number jotted on it and requested him to meet that person to convey regards on behalf of HaLoH and me. Wonder whose name I wrote on that paper? It was the name of one among those persons whose exuberant harmonica playing on esnips influenced me to take my Chromatic harmonica seriously. He’s none other than Mr Sumanta Basu from Kolkata.

Sumanta Basu-A brief introduction:

Sumanta Basu, aged 35 years from Kolkata is a very popular harmonica artist on eSnips. No wonder, most of us must have come across his profile at some point of time. He is a self-taught Creative Designer working for the web media since last 13 years, and working for a large range of clients who are really big players...He has been playing the harmonica for the last 19 years.

He says : “I love my friends, who are pretty serious about their careers, shouting lovingly at a crazy boy they are talking to. What to do, I like to spell my own words... and there is no cause behind it. I love to see... I love to read... I love to listen... I love to write songs... to take photographs... I love to do what ever I feel like... I love to find as many ways I can, to tell you my tale, to explore various languages to communicate with... I love to play the Harmonica... Like other composers, I have a special attraction for Rabindranath and his compositions. The more I play him, the more I realize, that he was the first composer of our country, who have composed modern, and such smart tunes for all times to come. I’m jealous of the precision with which he has made application of all the major and minor notes…”

His favourite musicians are Kabir Suman, Salil Chowdhury, RD Burman, SD Burman, Naushad, OP Nayyar, Shankar Jaikishan, Jim Rives, Pat Boon and BoB Dylan

Please listen to this number played by Mr Sumanta Basu

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SONG window

After 6 days long trip to Kolkata, Shri Vinayak returned back to Hyderabad and met me this Sunday at Indira park. Affectionately he gave me a CD “Those were the days ” which was sent from Mr Sumanta Basu with his autograph on it. The moment I saw the autograph, I kissed the CD because I felt it like an honour for me from my favorite artist. Unlike other Sundays,I left Indira park a little early as I was very much desperate to listen to Mr Sumanta’s latest western numbers. After listening to the album, the hangover still continues in me. Given below are the songs which he played in this album.

Those were the days


2.Besame Mucho

3.The Banana boat song

4.Que Sera Sera


6.Never on Sunday

7.500 miles

8.Summer Holiday

9.Sounds of Silence

10.Lara’s theme-Dr.Zhivago

11.Those were the days

12.Speak Softly Love-Godfather

13.Rivers of Babylon

14.Que viva Espana

The CD was recorded by Mr Sumanta Basu himself at his home. Quality of recording is at par with many international albums. I strongly believe his skills will be recognized by global harmonica lovers very shortly

Write up on the CD by Mr.Sumanta Basu

My land is a land of music and melody. Since time immemorial, our songs and their modern forms have mesmerized me and urged me to reach out beyond the bounds of place and time, musically from within. Years later, at this age, I have been able to muster the courage to bring this out to all.

None of the 14 numbers, chosen for this album are from my own country. In fact they do not belong to any particular country. These times, different in character, created at different times in different societies and I have been recorded by various artists long before I was even born. Hence the onus of judging the authenticity of these numbers played by me rests solely onto the listeners.

The responsibility that I have taken on myself besides playing the tunes on the harmonica are that of recording, mixing, CD mastering along with creating this inlay.

I am deeply indebted to the medium called Internet for the music arrangements. I however, regret being unaware of the names of my accompanying musicians.

Well, I guess, this is globalization..

To listen to more Indian songs played by him, visit his eSnips profile at


Sumanta, we love you... Looking forward to listen to your future works.

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Keyur Shah said...

Dear Ramana,
Thank you so much for introducing the finest pearl of harmonica ocean. I am truely enlightened with his charisma of playing.
Thanks !