When Words Fail, Music Speaks

On the occasion of World Music Day, a performance featuring Indian and Western instruments was staged at the event titled ‘When Words Fail, Music Speaks’ held at Lamakaan on Sunday. Three teams showcased their talent by playing the Sitar and Harmonica. Sri Ramprapanna Bhattacharya the award winning sitar player. Who is a Sitar virtuoso, teacher and performer. He was guest artist of the programme. 
HaLoH member 15-year-old  Suhit Rakshit, played the Sitar continuously for 30 minutes on Rag Bihag and Dhun ragas.  Dhun is a light instrumental piece in Hindustani Classical Music. A Dhun raga is based on a folk tune or a religious, bhajan type song or even a film song. Suhit excelled in these types of ragas and is a student of Delhi Public School, Hyderabad.  At the age of five he started playing the Sitar. In 2009, He was professionally trained for it.

This was followed by a performance by  HaLoH  consisting 6 members Kailashnath, Dr Revathy, Saurabh, Mahendra Gala , Inderjit Singh Soni, Yash Betai  and Ravi Babu  who played different tracks to enthrall the audience. The musical night ended with a performance by Ramprapanna Bhattacharya’s Sitar Concert. He played Raag Miyan ki Malhaar to enthrall the audience.

When Words Fail, Music Speaks!

Team HaLoH