Indian Mouthorgan Players’ Meet-2016

Indian Mouthorgan Players’ Meet-2016 was successfully organised by Mouth Organists Mumbai (MOM) on 24th and 25th September 2016 at Mumbai. 


What is IMP and IMP Meet?

INDIAN MOUTH ORGAN PLAYERS-IMP is a facebook group started in 2011. IMP was created to promote Indian Mouth Organ (aka Harmonica) Players and Lovers throughout the world. Here, members discuss about Indian Mouthorgan Players, Lovers, Enthusiasts, Events, Websites and any other information pertaining to Harmonica scenario. At regular intervals, Indian Mouth Organ Players' Meet (IMP Meet) may be organised at a selected location and all the members are welcome to participate in the event. 

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Since the time IMP Facebook Group was started in the year 2011, it has been growing day by day. Today it is a group of 2100+ members. They had 5 National Level Harmonica Players’ Meets as of now. In 2012 HaLoH in association with KHA (Kolkata Harmonica Association, Kolkata) hosted the IMP Meet at Kolkata for the first time and followed by Harmonica Brotherhood, Delhi in 2013 at Delhi , by Himalayan Nritya Kala Sangeet Academy, Haridwar in 2014 at Haridwar , by Harmonica Club of Indore, in 2015 at Indore.  Please use search button of this blog to read all details about the past IMP Meets. Recent Indian Mouthorgan Players’ Meet-2016 was successfully hosted by Mouth Organists Mumbai (MOM) on September 24th & 25th , 2016 at Mumbai.

The programme was a grand success with  150+ harmonica lovers attending the meet from all the corners of India.

About : Mouth Organists Mumbai (MOM)
 MOM is a non-Profit Organization devoted to the Promotion and Development of the harmonica. Though based in Mumbai its membership includes harmonica players from all over India. 

SHRI.VIJAYKUMAR J. CASSHYAP, PATRON AND FOUNDER OF MOM was fully responsible for holding the Mega Event viz. IMP MEET 2016, very successfully in Mumbai.



The event was a grand success and the delegates had a real learning experience with fun. The interactive and educative sessions on harmonica techniques, music theory were quite helpful for the delegates. All the delegates also had the opportunity to perform and enjoy each others’ renditions during the event.
SHRI VIJAYKUMAR J. CASSHYAP is a Retired Commercial Director of Air India. A Graduate in Science, a Chemical Engineer and a Post Graduate in Business Management from the University of Mumbai. He is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Transport, London and a Fellow of the All India Management Association. He has been playing the Mouth Organ since he was 8 years old and was gifted one by his Mother (MOM). His Vision is to see that every Mother (MOM) gifts a Mouth Organ to her Child to accompany her in daily Bhajans, Kirtans and Prayers. He Planned the Event Professionally with Meticulous Precision to the Minutest Detail to ensure that the Meet had excellent Technical Content and also the Delegates enjoyed themselves in a Homely Atmosphere and had a good time. He Founded Mouth Organists Mumbai (MOM) on February 14, 2016 with the objective of the Promotion and Development of the Mouth Organ. He is self-taught to play the Mouth Organ and feels that Learning is a Continuous Process. “Each player has his Unique Style and various types of sounds can be produced by the same Instrument, Therefore, it is interesting to watch everyone, which provides an opportunity to learn more about our Beloved Mouth Organ” he says.
He humbly adds that it has been a really herculean Task to hold these Mega Events successfully. He thanks all the Delegates, IMP Facebook group Admins, Sponsors and Members of his Team for being so loving and understanding. It is due to their Co-operation and Assistance that we have had an Educational and Enjoyable Time with the Mouth Organ.
One of the songs he played at the IMP MEET 2016 under the Genres of Music was a GHAZAL from the Bollywood Film SARFAROSH “HOSH WALON KO KHABAR KYA” is seen in below Video Section.

The 2 days meet was organised as per the following itinerary:

 Day 1 : Saturday , 24thSeptemeber 2016
·        Lighting of Lamp
·        Welcome of Chief Guest Ms.AlkaKelkar, Dy. Mayor and Delegates
·        Ganesh Vandana by Mr.ShubhranillSarkar
·        SaraswatiVandana by Mr.Ashay Kumar
·        Welcome Song by MOM Members.
·        Speech by Chief Guest Ms.AlkaKelkar, Dy. Mayor
·        Keynote Address by Patron & Founder – MOM Mr.Vijaykumar J. Casshyap
·        How to play various Scales on one Instrument- Mr.RustomKarwa
·        How to Play Diatonic Harmonica Chromatically with Bending and Overblowing.
-Mr. Vikas Karandikar
Late Mr.Phiroze Damri
Late Mr.Milon Gupta
Late Mr. Rahul D. Burman
Mr. Ashok Bhandari
Moderator :Mr.Anupam Pal

1. Fusion by Mr. Ashok Bhandari
2. Hollywood/Western by Mr.RustomKarwa
3. Blues by Mr. Vikas Karandikar
4) Semi classical by Mr.VishShirali
5) Ghazal by Mr. Vijay Casshyap
6) Light Romantic by Mrs.NeenaPrahallad
7) Carnatic Music by Mr.SaitejasChandrashekar
8) Hindustani by Mr.ShubhranillSarkar
9) Western by Mr.Ashay Kumar
·        Performance by Hamsanada Childrens Group
·        Solo Performances by Children Delegates
·        Performance by Women Harpers Group
·        Solo Performances by Women Delegates
·        Learning the potential of your instrument/articulation over Skype
- Mr. David Kettlewell and Ms. Frederica Cohen from Masters of Harmonica, Ohio, U.S.A
 Moderator: Mr.RustomKarwa
·        Performance by Delegates

Day 2 : Sunday , 25th Septemeber 2016 

·        ‘Ragaanjali’ – Harmonica in Carnatic Classical Music
- Mr.SaitejasChandrashekar
·         “RaagaRanjan” – Harmonica in Hindustani Classical Music
- Mr.Ashay Kumar

             Moderator- Mr. Ajay K Vijh

·        Performance by Delegates (With Keyboard Accompaniment )
·        How to do Home Recording, Mixing, Mastering and Sharing in Social Media  - Mr.Avinesh Singh
·        Basics of Repair and Maintenance of Mouth Organs - Mr. S.G Helkar
Moderator: Mr. Raman Khandelwal
·        Performance by Delegates
·        08.30 pm Onwards : Closing Function – A TASTE OF BOLLYWOOD ON HARMONICA

  The IMP MEET was Inaugurated with great Pomp and Splendour by the Dy. Mayor of Mumbai and Corporator Smt. AlkaKerkar to the accompaniment of blowing of ‘Tutaries’ and Mouth Organ Music. This was followed by the Traditional Lighting of the Lamp, by the dignitaries’. In her Inaugural Address she complimented the host for holding such a Mega Event for the first time in Mumbai dedicated to the Promotion and Development of the harmonica.

The Proceedings of the IMP Meet 2016 commenced with the Traditional rendering of the GANESH VANDANA by our Child Prodigy SHUBHRANILL SARKAR, on the Harmonica. The excellent presentation can be seen in the Video below

The Young talented ASHAY KUMAR rendered the SARASWATI VANDANA on the Harmonica. The wonderful Classical Style presentation can be seen in the Video.
The welcome song ‘Yeh dosti hum nahin todenge‘ was played together by MOM members for the chief guest and all delegates. Dr Doordarshi Singhji was the lead player.
This song was played without any rehearsal but played directly on the stage. Please watch the video, Mr Vijaykumar J. Casshyap ji is seated flanked by Mr Vish Shirali  and Ms Coomie Kasad. standing are seen Mr Anupam Pal, Mr Rustom Karwa , Dr Doordarshi Singh,  Mr.Jayant Hattangadi and other MoM members                                                       
How to play various Scales on one Instrument- Mr.RustomKarwa
How to Play Diatonic Harmonica Chromatically with Bending and Overblowing. -Mr. Vikas Karandikar

1. Late Shri PHIROZE DAMRI which was received by MS COOMIE KASAD on behalf of his son Mr KC DAMRI who lives in USA, as per his request.  As per Mrs Coomie Kasad who was his student for several years, Mr Damri was a thorough gentleman and a great Teacher. He had an Orchestra of over 200 students which would perform at All India Radio, St. Mary’s School, YMCA and several other Schools. The Orchestra performed in St. Xavier’s School in front of the Late Larry Adler.

2. Late Shri MILON GUPTA which was received by his son Mr SANJOY GUPTA. 
As per Mr Anupam Pal, who was a student of Milon Gupta for more than 25 years, whilst he has many pleasant memories, he remembers one of them which surprised him. While recording for the song Jibane Keep Safari me, he had practiced in C Scale but in the recording studio the accompanying musicians requested him to change the scale to another scale comfortable to them. Milon da immediately played the song in G Scale and after one rehearsal completed the recording flawlessly with the notations in C scale hanging in front of him. Anupam Pal feels that Milon da should be remembered as a great human being as he was a much greater human being than a Harmonica Player.

3. Late Shri R. D. BURMAN which was received by Mr  NITIN SHANKER on behalf of Mrs ASHA BHOSLE, who was in USA, as per her request.
According to Vish Shiraliji, the few times that he met Panchamda what struck him was his endearing childlike simplicity. Everything around him revolved around Music. He could convert the most mundane sound into awesome musical notes, that was the mark of his incomparable genius “None before him none after him” he adds.
4. Shri ASHOK BHANDARI ( received in Person )
Mr Anupam Pal who is a longtime friend of Bhandari Ji stated that initially they were telephone friends but for the last six years they are great friends, talking frequently and meeting occasionally. He rates Bhandari ji as a great Harmonica Player who always tries to find ways to express Indian Music through the Harmonica viz Indian Harmonica style which should be taken seriously by all.
Mr Akikumar was presented with The Lifetime Achievement Award which was received by Shri Anupam Pal on his behalf, as per his request. Mr Akikumaris a dynamic frontman and harp player and bonafide Star among the next generation of West Coast Blues Artists. A master of the hugely influential Chicago Blues Sound, Akikumar inherits from the harp legends of the 1950s and 60s. Akikumarhas a unique voice in the Blues, blending elements of Blues Harmonica pioneers of Yester years with a signature sound of his own.
Born and raised in Mumbai, Akikumar established his mark on the West Coast blues scene as frontman of the SF Bay Area’s highly acclaimed blues outfit. TIP OF THE TOP. His latest venture, The Aki Kumar Blues Band, involves several Bay Area blues luminaries and has been the culmination of his journey through American roots music. The band performs vintage blues with tremendous skill and energy and is guaranteed to entertain audience across all venues, from intimate listening rooms to large festivals. 
2016 marks another exciting year for AkiKumar with upcoming recording projects, European appearances, feature performances at Mark Hummel’s renowned blues harp blowouts and other musical collaborations across the country.
Mr Akikumar’s presentation can be seen in this videoPart – I
MrAkikumar’s performance on Mouth Organ Songs PukartaChala Hun Main and Chicago Blues, can be seen in this Video Part – II
To know more about MrAkikumar Please visit his website
Shri Vijay Kumar Casshyap said “I have been fortunate to visit his house and meet his parents. They are very simple and pleasing personalities. His father plays the Harmonica and we played some songs together. As per my telcons with Akikumarji, he is really a wonderful person so humble despite the status he has received as one of the leading players of Blues in Hollywood. And the first person of Indian Origin to do so. We are really very proud of the Goregaon lad who has achieved International Fame and brought Glory to our Country,at such a Young Age”

Presentation of Mementos at the eventto Chief Guest Dy. Mayor Smt. ALKA KERKAR JI , MR ANUPAM PAL and IMP FACEBOOK GROUP ADMINS by MR VIJAYKUMAR J. CASSHYAP as follows ..

5. DR.RAGHAVAN IYENGAR (collected by RAMAN KHANDELWAL JI on his behalf)

Mr Saitejas Chandrashekar is an immensely talented harmonica player. He has a group named Hamsanada consisting of young boys & girls who train under him.Here in this clip are seen Hamsanada children playing with Saitejas a famous bollywood song "Janejadhoondhtahun".Enjoy the synchronization.

To know about SaitejasChandrashekar please click this link.

 Solo Performances by Children Delegates

Shubhranill Sarkar 13 Years old Shubhu as he is lovingly called is a wonder child born to Mrs.Basabi, Mr.Subir Sarkar and a student of Shri Sukanta Ghoshal is God's gift to this World of Harmonoica. He is studying 9th standard. Apart from his studies he devotes considerable time to Music. He plays various Genres of Music including Rabindra Sangeet, Adhunic, Chayachobi songs, Western Music, Indian Light Songs, Najrulgeeti, Different Indian Classial Ragas, Pollygeety, Folks Songs etc. He also plays Key Board and Spanish Guitar. 
He started playing the Harmonica in April 2009 when he was just 6 years old at the Banichakra Music and Dance Training Collage in Kolkatta under the guidance of Sukanta Ghoshalji. At the age of 9 years Shubhranill participated in three Events of All India Harmonica Competition organised by Kolkatta Harmonica Association in 2012. He achieved the first position in all the three Events,i.e., Rabindra Sangeet, Western Music and Indian Light Song. He was awarded the Honourable Member of Kolkatta Harmonica Association. In 2014 at the age of 11 years, he participated as a Playback Harmonica Musician in Malyalam Movie “Premam” which is already released. He is also a playback Harmonica Musician and features in several leading Singers Albums. He is a good solo performer in various Stage Shows and TV Channels. Presently he is a Special Musician in Zee Bangla Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2016.
Shubhranill excels in playing different Classical Ragas on his Harmonica viz. Raga Bhairavi, Raga Multani, Raga Saraswati, Raga Yaman etc.
He has attended and played for the first time at the IMP MEET in 2012 in Kolkatta, also in IMP Meet 2015 at Indore
He showed his brilliance at playing Classical Indian Ragas
And also  played a very famous song " Kepagghunghroobandhmeeranachithi"  from the movie “Namak halal”at the IMP MEET 2016 in Mumbai.
ASHAY KUMAR is a highly Talented Mouth Organ Player. His expertise ranges from Bollywood to Hollywood songs including Western Classical and Indian Classical Music.
He is a Student of  Pt. Vijay Bajpai, Head of Vocal Music Dept. at Bhatkhande. His versatility enables him to Play any Genre Music along with his enormous commands and expressions. He is full of Artistic ability and has worked upon higher level of nuances on the Harmonica to bring out the true feel of Indian Classical Music.  At the IMP MEET 2016, he Played Western Classical Music Mozart”s famous Turkish March, brilliantly.
Annapoorna, daughter of Dr Revathy Ramaswamiof Hyderabad is 11 years old & a student of Bhavan’s school. She also plays the keyboard.She learnt to Play from her Mother . She played for HaLoH’s Annual Meet twice which were highly appreciated. She won the First Prize in the Times of India Young Talent Search in 2016.She is learning the Diatonic Harmonica under the guidance of Mr Vikas Karandikar. She has cleared Grade 3 ABRSM with Merit.  She played the song “JanamJanam”, from the Movie “Dilwaale” the Notations provided by Mr Sandipan Chakraborty
Siddhi Soni,a child prodigy from Bhopal rocked the Bollywood night on the last day of IMP meet at Mumbai when she showed her harmonica prowess by playing "London thumakda". Even the Bollywood star Director Mr Ashutosh Gowarikar along with all the delegates could not resist dancing and praising her.She surely is the future of Indian Harmonica. Appreciate the innocent looks on her face & the ease with which she is playing in perfect rhythm.
SunisthChaubey is about 16 years old from Haridwar, Uttarakhand. He is the son of Dr. Suresh Chaubey and Dr. Nisha Sharma. 
He is studying Science in class XI at the Shivedale School. He has been playing Harmonica from the past 2 years, but plays beautifully like a Veteran.
Performance by Women Harpers Group

For the first time in the history of IMP meets this time a group of 9 lady harmonica players played a song together under the guidance of Mr.Avinesh Singh of Harmonica Lovers of Hyderabad. They were from all the parts of India & abroad. It was a difficult task to coordinate & play exactly the same scale especially when most of them knew each other only through social media & met face to face for the first time in Mumbai!

The lady harpers group members were :
1. Mrs.CoomieKasad, Mumbai.
2. Mrs.Neena Prahlad, Bangluru.
3 .Mrs.SushamaJoshi ,Dubai.
4. Ms.Neeta Kulkarni Das, Mumbai.
5. Dr.RevathiRamaswamy, Hyderabad.
6. Mrs.SangitaVerma, Indore.
7. Dr.SujataKelkar,Bhusawal.
8. Mrs.PrachiKane,Pune.
9. Ms.KshitijaMogre,Pune.
Just appreciate the joy & enthusiasm this group exudes!
To know more about Indian Women and their Harmonica Passion please click this link


Solo Performances by Women Delegates

Mrs.Coomie Kasad is the oldest pupil of late Phiroze Damri . She started playing harmonica at the age of 8 years at the behest of her father. She joined Hohner harmonica club in 1953 under Phiroze Damri. She participated in Lion's International Harmonica contest & won championship trophy for 4 years, then she was asked to step aside.In 2007 she attended 150 years celebrations of Hohner's at Trossingen-Germany & played along with the 3800 players from all over the world. She and her son were the only Indian delegates. She received Guinness world record certificate letter of appreciation and  a CD of the yearlong celebrations.She has played a lovely number & has been the inspiration and  the guiding force of the lady harpers. Our salute to this sweet young lady whom all of us call "Ma”
A Dynamic Dr couple from Bhusawal, Maharshtra Dr Ashutosh Kelkar and Dr Sujata Kelkar was a special attraction at the event both compered couple of sessions and all the delegates were enjoyed their anchoring skills bundled with humor and melodies this couple also presented a duet on harmonica.

Dr Ashutosh said , “ I took up harmonica after my cardiac bypass surgery for early recovery, Harmonica has really changed our lives. I accidentally met Mr.Ramana, Hyderabad on the internet and was inducted into IMP Facebook group Then Got friends with excellent players and nicehuman beings. I met a few of them personally at IMP Meet 2015, Indore. My better half Dr Sujata, who had the status of accompanying person there, liked harmonica & started to learn at IMP Meet, Mumbai we both were delegates! New bonds of friendship were tied with new friends & were rejuvenated with old friends. 2016 has been quite an year for us, enjoyable as ever, but the best two days were the days at Mumbai during IMP Meet 2016  as delegates and comperers. Being masters of the ceremony gave us the opportunity to introduce and interact with the harmonica giants of the country, to learn, to share their knowledge, skills, wisdom. It was a lifetime experience and we would like to thank the host of the meet Mr.Vijay Casshyap for believing in us.
We are beginners in this harmonic harmonica  journey, so please bear with our ordinary plays. The same love & blessings we will be getting from you all for the years to come.. Jai Harmonica!”
This Lucky pair also won a Hohner harmonica in the Lucky dip sponsored by M/s Furtados, Mumbai

Another charismatic couple from Bengaluru Shri CH Prahallad and Mrs Neena Prahallad mesmerized everybody at the event with their play " Likhe jo khat tuze". Their son Mr Amaresh is also a nice harmonica player.

Dr.Revathi Ramaswamy, a successful gynecologist & accomplished laproscopic surgeon from Hyderabad was a prominent member of lady harpers group at IMP Meet Mumbai. Seen in this video clip playing "Babuji dheere chalna" demonstrating crystal clear single notes, a blend of chromatic slider play & diatonic bends on chromatic harmonica. Her daughter Annapurna too played in childrens section & showed her prowess.
Ms Nita Kulkarni Das, one of the lead lady harpers in Mumbai meet basically is from Murbad in konkan Maharashtra, the area where Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj reigned in seventeenth century. Her education was at Sholapur in St.Joseph school, now she is a lecturer in Sree Narayan Guru College of Commerce, Mumbai. She is fluent in English-Hindi-Marathi as well as Bangla languages. She is a very fine harmonica player by passion & is the student of the Shri Ashok Bhandari.

"It is not the years in your life that count,
It is the life in your years that counts".
Life consists of not holding good cards,
But in playing well those you hold” are her ideologies.

Sticking to the above ideologies enjoy the song she has rendered "Ae mere dil kahin aur chal" on Harmonica. Here is the video.
Mr Raman Khandelwal is one of the IMP Facebook group Admins. His biggest asset is his wonderful Human Relations and utmost Respect for Others. Whilst he did not Play any Song at the Meet, he acted as the Moderator for the Technical Session on Home Recording and Sharing in Social Media and Basics of Repairs and Maintenance of the Mouth Organ. His wit and humor are visible in his role as Moderator.By Profession he is a Businessman, based at Jaipur. Apart from business, he is also a freelancer in Soft Skills Training. He trains Corporates, Students and Trainers as well. His favourite domain is Communication Skills, especially “ Body Language”. He has been training for the last 19 years.He is a Harmonica Lover, since college days in Andhra Pradesh, but became an active Harmonica enthusiast since 2008 and started learning this instrument seriously in 2016.He has been a close Associate of Mr Ramana Ilayaraja since 2008 and a blogger in this blog HaLoH. He is the Founder of HEP (Harmonica Enthusiasts of Jaipur) Learning Music Theory is another passion and he learned the Guitar for 6 years during his childhood. He is now promoting his son and daughter to learn Music. His son is preparing for Grade 7 Electronic Key Board practical exams conducted by Trinity College, London.
Another passion is Photography. He usually spends his Sunday mornings in Harmonica meetings or Photo walks. Harmonica is his favourite musical instrument because of its mesmerizing sound and compact size. May his Tribe flourish to take the Harmonica to greater heights? A few excerpts of his role as a Moderator are seen in the video of the IMP Meet, 2016.
For more ore details about Raman Khandelwal click this link

·        How to do Home Recording, Mixing, Mastering and Sharing in Social Media  -              Mr.Avinesh Singh
·        Basics of Repair and Maintenance of Mouth Organs - Mr. S.G Helkar
   Moderator: Mr. Raman Khandelwal 



To know more about MrRustomKarwa  please click this link

Shri Ashok Bhandari, needs no introduction in the field of harmonica. He is harmonica magician. He is the recipient of Lifetime achievement award at the Indian Mouthorgan Players meet at Mumbai. Displaying his immense skills playing Arabian Belly Dance. Enjoy his play, which he proudly says originates from his heart.
To know more about Mr Ashok Bhandari  please click this link
Shri Vishwanath Shirali
To know more about Mr Shirali please click this link

Shri Anupam Pal is one of the most senior and respected harmonica players of our country. He has been a student of the Late Shri Milon Gupta since his college days. He attended the 33rd International Meet of SPAH and performed in Los Angeles Banga Sanskriti Utsav in 2005.He is an accomplished player and a veteran teacher of the harmonica. At the IMP Meet 2016, he played the song “Na JiyaLage Na”, from the film “Anand”.
To know more about Shri Anupam Pal, Please click this link
Mr.Vikas Karandikar was a faculty at the Mumbai harmonica meet for genres of music for blues specifically. Vikas hails from Indore & has completed his education from Bal Niketan Sangh & Devi Ahilya University. He is considered to be a diatonic harmonica master but in his lecture also got to see his command over chromatic harmonicas too. He is a fine craftsman & repairs & modifies harmonicas as a hobby. He was explaining as to how any sound can be reproduced on harmonica & asked some volunteer from the audience Dr Sujata Kelkar, who was compering the show got in & sung a small line "Aao huzur tumko sitaro me le chalu" & asked Mr Vikas to reproduce the fine variations. See for yourself the mastery of this gentleman with how much ease he plays all the so called Khatkas! At the IMP Meet 2016 in Mumbai he played the BLUES SHUFFLE in the Genres of Music.
Dr Doordarshi Singh Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering, working as an Associate Professor in BBSB Engineering College Fatehgarh Sahib, residing in Patiala is a teacher to the core. An ardent harmonica lover. He hails from a musical family & gets support & encouragement from his father & brother Jippy, who is a very well known & respected musician of the region.DDD as he is lovingly called in harmonica circle also plays Tabla, Keyboard & Dholak apart from harmonica. In spite of being very talented & accomplished harmonicat, he is down to earth person and ready to help the newcomers anytime.
Here is a video clip of a popular number he played at Mumbai  IMP Meet. Enjoy!
Mr Sumanta Basu
To Know about MrSumantaBasu please click this links
Mr.Ajay Vijh, a Civil Engineer by profession, serving  Coal India  Presently posted at Singrauli. He plays harmonica since school time, has a formal music degree "Sangeet Prabhakar" from Prayag Sangeet Samiti. He believes in spreading music worldwide through harmonica.
Recently has bagged first prize at the Annual event of Coal India at Asansol representing Northen Coalfields Limited.A thorough gentleman full of talent, playing a famous bollywood number.
To know more about Mr Ajay Vijh please click this link
Mr.NakulDhagat, a professor in architecture at NIIT, Bhopal is one of the few persons to have attended all 5 IMP Meets since 2012 and a very fine harmonica player. He played a song from the movie "Chitchor". He has demonstrated octave playing in this clip. His son Manas also plays harmonica.
To know more about Mr Nakul Dhagat  please click this link

Mr Ramana Ilayaraja is the founders of IMP Facebook group.
To know more about Mr Ramana please check his website

MrVikas Sharma, a very humble yet tremendously talented harmonica player from Indore made the audience sway to his tunes at the venue
Shri Niranjan Gulvady, yet another respected figure in Indian Harmonica Circles,hails from Pune Maharashtra. He did his schooling from SBKV higher secondary school,did MTech.in Mechanical Engineering from I.I.T.Chennai,the then Madras.63 years old now,retired(but not tired) after 4 decades of active professional life serving in various prestigious companies all over India.
Now pursuing harmonica though he plays many musical instruments.He also experiments & uses his engineering mind aplplying to make harmonica playing better & has made good quality microphones.He loves to entertain & is called at various public gatherings to play harmonica,he has played many songs at a stretch for 2-3 hours on many occassions.He is a perfect family man & always devotes time to the family. I live,love& breathe Harmonica & music he says!
His identity is a bulganinbeard, a Modi jacket and a North-East India cap.
here is a video clip of Aandhi movie song "Is mode pejatehai"he played at recent Mumbai meet.
Mr.SumitThakkar,a 29 years young harmonica player from Indore, who is a part of Harmonica Club of Indore, the hosts of illustrious IMP Meet 2015,Indore which has set a benchmark for the years to come as to how a national meet should be conducted.  Sumit done M.Tech (Computer Science) basically from Rajkot,Gujarat, now settled at Indore  and running a sheet metal factory. He is a perfectionist and really puts his heart into his renditions.

Mr Shrikant Bhatt, Bengaluru
Shrikant Bhatt, a young handsome harmonica player is an IITian, software Engineer from Nagpur, settled now at Bengaluru, an ardent Lata Mangeshkar  fan played " mere naina sawan bhado"
Mr.Ghanshyam Agrawal, the proprietor of Riddhi Siddhi Arts & Crafts, Jaipur is a busy exporter of traditional Rajasthani crafted items. He studied at Govt college Kekri,Rajasthan and started playing harmonica since1994 .After 1997,he took a break and concentrated on career.  Again picked up harmonica from 2013.He has crafted the wooden boxes for Tamta beam forming harmonica microphones.
Mr Rajesh Goswami from Agra, the city of Taj makes his presence felt anywhere he goes, not only by his sheer electrifying looks, but the hallmark half jacket, latest model of Nikon camera with long lens attached & superfine harmonica playing. He is a photographer with a special sense.
Shri Madhur Bhatia, Agra
Mr Rajesh Goswami along with Shri Madhur Bhatia was the lucky winner of Air India lucky draw, winning return tickets to any domestic sector.
MOM Member Shri JAYANT HATANGADIJI is a Talented Harmonica Player. He worked with Pfizer Co. in the Quality Assurance and took VRS in 1995. He has been playing the Harmonica since the age of 14 years in School. He is a Self Taught harmonica player later improved his playing skills by taking Guidance from Good harmonica players. His specialty is to play the Prelude and Interludes of the Songs which he renders. He used to Play Privately with Music Director Kalyan ji whose assistant Bal Parte ji taught him the technique to bring Beauty to Playing the Harmonica .He played the Song: AaneWala Pal Jane WalaHai Film: Golmaal
Mr. Naresh Sachdeva from Delhi. He studied at Jaysagar college Sibsagar Assam & Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh, He is working with NTPC & is currently posted as a General Manager Vigilance at Vadodara,Gujarat.
a simple looking guy made a silent entry onto the stage, but made everybody to dance with the rocking song.
Enjoy the Mehmood song,"Hum kale hai to kya huva dilwale hai"
Mr,Ravindra Goel, 63 years old civil engineer, worked in U.P.Govt,& retired as an Executive Engineer UPSRTC Lucknow. He started playing harmonica in 1966 inspired by Shri Madan kumar's records & broadcasts on Vividh Bharati. He discontinued harmonica for about 38 years due to professional obligations. Resumed after his bypass surgery. He plays Mandolin, Keyboard & Bongos too. He played famous number from the film 'Chhaliya" Appreciate the agility, the perfect notes, rhythm & the feel with which he has played the song, swiftly changing the harmonicas in between for a different effect.
How harmonica is useful for health is proved beyond doubts,but people want proof,& here it is. This gentleman Mr.Ravindra Goel, got operated for cardiac bypass surgery, was advised lots of do's & dont's-reduction of weight, improving the cardiopulmonary reserves & reducing the stress were the main ingredients. Harmonica helped in achieving all the three!
Dr Shailendra Kumar, was a 56 years old consultant Cardiologist hailing from Muzaffarpur. He is Presently working as Asst. Professor S.K. Medical college & Hospital.He is a very busy practitioner. His both children a son and a daughter are in the same field of medicine.He developed interest in music through flute & banjo but later on fell in love with harmonica.He met Mr Ramana, MrAnupam Pal, Mr Ashok Bhandari, Mr Ajay Vijh on internet before he seriously take up harmonica. He is one of the few players who have attended all 5 IMP Meets. He started playing with Tower harmonica, but, with passion to learn & play better, has now around 30 harmonicas in possession including top brands like Hohner, Suzuki & Hering. He wish to be a perfectionist. Never rests till he gets the 'sur & taal' right.. His dream is to hold IMP meet on Star Cruise sometimes.
Here is a video clip of his performance at IMP Meet, Mumbai meet.

Mr.MichaelPokish,  He has studied English literature at Maharaja's college Mysore after completing schooling at St John's high school Bellary. Now settled in Pune Maharashtra. He is founder & owner of a Restaurant "Idlicious".
Sanath Kumar BV
To know about Mr Sanat Kumar please click this link

Mr Wilson David,  a diatonic harmonica player but also fluent with chromatic harmonica with many uploads on YouTube. He plays the songs with a "feel" that his facial & body movements synchronize with the song. He had attended IMP Meet for the 2nd time by travelling all the way from US put aside his jet lag & played a melody  "If I were an Angel" with brilliant style of playing.


The Theme of the Closing Function of the IMP MEET 2016 was “A Taste of Bollywood”. T
he Function was also open to Invitee Guests and was well Attended. Our Leading Mouthorgan Players treated the audience to a Feast of Bollywood Songs on the Mouth Organ. These have already been Posted on the Facebook.
In addition, we had Songs by the Dy. Mayor, Leading Bollywood Personalities and a Magic Show to make it a Grand Variety Entertainment Programme. We have prepared a small Video showing Glimpses of these Performances:
All were entertained by an outstanding Performance by Mrs Alka Kerkar, Dy. Mayor and Corporator of Mumbai and her Daughter Ms.Vaishali who rendered a beautiful duet ‘Hasta HuaNoorani Chehra’ from the Film “Parasmani”.
Noted Bollywood and Regional Film Actress Ms.Sharbani Mukerji rendered a lilting duet along with Mr.Mayank Dwivedi from the Film : Three Idiots “ ZoobiDoobi “. They regaled the audience with their excellent dancing alongwith singing.
The song “O PalanHarey” from the Film :Lagaan was wonderfully sung by Ms.Kishori Gowarikar, Mother of Famous Bollywood Director Mr.Ashutosh Gowarikarin his Presence. They symbolised the True essence of MOM viz Mother and Son.

Mr. Shyam Shroff, Leading Film Distributor of Bollywood, accompanied the very talented Rajee Kakade in the duet “Ye Kahan Aa Gaye Hum” from the Movie  “Silsila”.Mr Ashok Bhandariji, our Internationally renowned Magician and Leading Harmonica Player who had rendered the Song “Arabian Nights” on the Harmonica earlier, gave a Demonstration of his Magical Prowess, which was greatly Appreciated.

Glimpses of these Performances can be seen in the Video.

Few official sponsors of the IMP Meet like M/s Kotak Mahindra Bank, M/s Furtados, M/s Reynolds and M/s Singh Musicals put their stalls at the event. Delegates had an opportunity to feel and buy their favorite harmonicas with a special discounts offered by the stalls. Also Y Tamta beam forming wireless harmonica microphones are unveiled at IMP Meet 2016, Mumbai.

VinayakBhosekar, Ramana, Avinesh Singh , Dr Revathy Ramaswamy from HaLoH attended this meet and we convey sincere thanks to all at Mouth Organists Mumbai (MOM) especially Shri Vijay Kumar Casshyap who had taken special initiative to make this meet successful.

Disclaimer: HaLoH blog is non-commercial and dedicated to the service of harmonica community. Content used is taken from the free source and public domains and is not meant for any commercial purpose. Few inputs for this article were taken from IMP Facebook Group with the permission of the Group Admins. Special thanks to Shri Vijaykumar J Casshyap and Dr Ashutosh Kelkar ,Bhusawal

Photo Credits :Mr Rajesh Goswami-Agra, Mouth Organists Mumbai, MrRamana-Hyderabad

We breathe harmonica!