Music has no boundaries part-2: Srilankan Flavour

Its true that music has no boundaries. After our article that was published long ago on Zafar Sahab, a harmonica lover from Pakistan, we are now publishing another article on a Sri Lankan harmonica lover.

Mr Chathrapaani Peiris is a 54 years old harmonica lover who stays near Colombo and has been playing this lovely instrument since his childhood. Previously, he worked at the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation as a technical officer. Normally, he used to handle sound recording machines and transmitters but wasn't connected to the orchestra or musical section of the SLBC. In the last 5 years, he got many opportunities to participate as a harmonica player on several occasions. He also joined a society called OLD HINDI FILM MUSIC LOVERS ASSOCIATION IN SRI LANKA. On several occasions, he played many Hindi and Singhala tunes on his harmonica. His passion is to perform an instrumental song fully including introduction, melody and interlude. He doesn't like to miss any piece of melodious tune while playing the harmonica. He believes that music comes from his soul.

Today, we are uploading two tunes one of which was played by him in a musical show called SWARNA SANGAM 2 and the other is a Hindi melody.

Mr Chatrapaani Peiris is a regular visitor of our blog and writes- "Normally I observed your website and gain my ability from that. Thank you very much for you and your web site."

Aayubowan! (Singhala wish- May you have a long life)