Steve Baker trains Harmonica lovers

Recently, a crash course on harmonica was organised jointly by HOHNER and FURTADOS at Furtados, Bangalore. The event was aimed to impart training to Indian harmonica Players to explore Blues music as well to overcome the limitations of diatonic harmonica.

In all creative arts, it is important that the guru is able to pass on the knowledge to the student, in person. Steve Baker did a wonderful job by having one-to-one interaction with the participants and by answering all the queries very patiently.

Steve expressed that he intends to conduct advanced crash course for all the participants in this work shop in a reasonable interval.

The harmonica Lovers who completed this crash course and received “Certificate of Achievement” by Steve Baker are..
Giridhar Kamesh
Dr Nikhil Kandurwar
Vasudev Prabhu
Ravi Shankar
Vinayak B
Ramana K
Ishan Bakshi
Debashis Dutta
Naveen B L
Nazarius Manoharan
Shreyas Parthasarathy
Chandrashekhar Khare
Mahesh Lakshmanswamy
Kapilesh Kale
Aashish Sharma
Vaibhav Aphale.

We Breathe Harmonica!


HOHNER & FURTADOS present harmonica Crash Course by STEVE BAKER.

Furtados  is conducting a 2-day crash course of Harmonica by ' World Renowned Harmonica Player ' and easily the most influential in the modern Harmonica scene, the international living legend, Mr. STEVE BAKER  from Europe.

Start the year with this legend harmonica player Steve Baker who for the first time is on a visit to Bangalore. He has been playing professionally since 35 years and has developed an instantly recognizable style which is both expressive and lyrical.. He is also regarded as one of the players who has revitalized the instrument.. His style draws on the blues tradition with a fusion of country, folk, soul and jazz.

Steve is also a highly regarded author of harmonica literature and has written a number of instructional books. "The Harp Handbook" is referred as the "harmonica player's bible". In 2000 and 2003 he published volumes 1 & 2 of his series "Blues Harmonica Playalongs". Alongside these activities, Steve conducts regular clinics in music stores and is one of the most active figures in harmonica education in Europe. Despite the initial skepticism of the organizers, his crash course was rapidly booked out and the harmonica course has subsequently become an essential part of the event. 

The 2-day crash course will benefit the Harmonica players, as it covers different modules and techniques.. The registration has begun and the course fees for 2 days is Rs.2000, which includes food & beverage as well.. All the participants will be given a certificate at the end of the course...

Dates & Venue

12th&13th January 2013
Timings:  11 am-5 pm

Furtados Bangalore
No. 116/C-1, 5th Block, KHB Colony,
Koramangala, Bangalore-560095
When:  January 12th & 13th

So be a part of this workshop and get to learn from the legend himself! It is once in a lifetime opportunity.. Don't miss it.. For registrations or quries contact on the number given below. 

Mob: 9980698008


An Evening at DGQA Officers’ Mess, Secunderabad.

On the eve of the New Year 2013 Harmonica Lovers of Hyderabad paid its tribute to the mighty Indian Army, along with a select few members of the defense personnel at DGQA Officers’ Mess, Secunderabad under the aegis of Col. C P Sri Ram.

HaLoH members played the immortal songs that enthused the sense of love and respect for fellow beings.  The association of harmonica with soldiers was recalled, the days of the world wars when soldiers died fighting for their country with the harmonicas by their hearts.  The fact accepted by the world that the educational and character building qualities of this pocket orchestra and its relevance in today's deteriorating society was once again impressed upon the young audience by Mr Vinayak.  The gathering resolved wishing the New Year 2013 will dawn in a new era of peace, equality and prosperity for all.     

We breathe harmonica!