Milon da’s son says “HaLoH Hyderabad”

Recently, HaLoH members G Raj Kumar, B Vinayak and Ramana met Shri Sanjoy Gupta, The son of harmonica legend Milon da.

It was a brief rendezvous at hotel Mercure in Hyderabad. Mr sanjoy Gupta is a free lance Cost Accountant and is settled in Mumbai.

Mr Sanjoy Gupta doesn’t play the harmonica. Never the less, He has carefully preserved almost 80% of the collection of rare EPs,LPs,Audio cassettes and harmonicas of his father. His son (Milon da’s grandson) Master Shubhayu Gupta is a music lover and has cleared his 6th grade theory for keyboard from Trinity College of Music, London. He will be appearing for his practical examination this year.

Mr Sanjoy Gupta had discussed about harmonica, And his father’s close friends and associates settled across the globe including Karun da ( Shri Karun Chakraborty) who’s article has already been published on this blog.


It was really interesting for those present there in the meeting to learn about the close associates of Milon da.

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Big (B)handari’s version of ‘Om Jai Jagdish Hare’

Long back, our friend Kromatic Khandelwal requested Big Bhandari to record one of his favourite harmonica tunes-‘Om Jai Jagdish Hare’ which he plays often. This artee, sung in the praise of Lord Vishnu (Narayana) has been finally rendered by Shri Ashok Bhandari on his Hering 16-hole harmonica.

The recording is excellent and a track had been especially prepared for this rendition. Bhandari ji has very creatively improvised on this popular number to get a different feel. The notes in the beginning of this rendition have been impeccably bent on the harmonica to mimic the sound of a conch shell.

More details about Mr Ashok Bhandari can be seen at the following link.


HaLoH thanks Bhandari ji for this treat.

Harmonica Our Passion!


Harmonica Lover of the week- Noteworthy harmonica player Arijit Mukherji

At his endeavor to popularize harmonica, Mr Arijit Mukherji played few tunes on harmonica for Tara TV “Experts” in 2008. More details about Arijit da can be seen at the following link.


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Harmonica our passion!