22nd Nov'10-Celebrating Milon da's 80th birth anniversary

Last night Harmonica Lovers of Hyderabad Shri Vinayak B., G.Rajkumar and I celebrated 77th birth anniversary of Milon da at my home. We had a great time from 9 pm till midnight. Milon da is the man who popularized harmonica with his melodies and taught harmonica to many harmonica lovers including Shri Vinayak B.


Harmonica just doesn't sound sweet but gives sweet bond of friendship.

Excitement had been building up every moment since KK(Kromatic Khandelwal) informed me that the train he had taken from Jaipur to Mumbai would stop at Ahmedabad. He was a bit hesitant to inform me about his journey as he was not sure if the train would reach Ahmedabad in time and he didn't wish to disturb me in late hours.

Harmonica is the reason we became friends. I remember, he was first to call me after the unhappy strategic incidents. For me KK is knowledgeable, warm and very friendly topped with maturity. It's hard to resist not to be his friend. Today I feel as if we were together in school. After Ramana and Rameshwarm Bhardwaj, time had come to see Raman Khandelwal. I almost ran through stairs as I heard the announcement of Raman's train arrival. He was there standing near the door of his coach and jumped as he saw me. We hugged and talked a lot over and above harmonica. I took some photos with him for my memory. Of course, KK has promised me to come along with his family but this was our first meet and hence carries lot of values to both of us. Harmonica just doesn't sound sweet but gives sweet bond of friendship.