Arabian Belly Dance Misirlou Indian Version on Harmonica by - Avinesh Singh


raman said...

Kailash ji, it was worth waiting for the "project" by Avinesh ji. It was really a treat for the ears. I congratulate Avinesh ji for meeting up to our expectations. HaLoH is proud of you. I'm keen to visit HaLoH meeting on the 26th of December '10 at Indira Park and play the harmonica under "BODHI TREE"

Kailash said...

You are welcome to visit us any time. Look forward to your visit.

Avinesh Kumar Singh said...

Hi Raman, Thanks for your encouraging comments. I am also proud to be a member of HaLoH and of being with friends like you. We all welcome you again in Hyderabad. I know we will have great fun :-)
Best Regards - Avinesh Singh