Bob Dylan of India: Susmit Bose

Dear Harmonica Lovers,

Most of us have seen some artists singing along with the Guitar and also playing the Harmonica affixed on a rack around one’s neck.  Today, we are featuring an accomplished artist whom we would love to address as Bob Dylan of India. He is none other than Mr Susmit Bose.

Susmit Bose plays the harmonica as a part of the folk style of Woodie Guthrie and Bob Dylan. As a motivation, it was obviously Bob Dylan which prompted him to pick up the harmonica. His favourite artists also include Pete Seeger and the Bauls of Bengal. He also likes the way Neil Young uses the harmonica. He, who considers himself as a friend to all, has discovered to play the harmonica and uses this cute little musical instrument in most of his songs. He usually plays the Hohner Blues Harp.  He has been playing harmonica for the last 40 years.

In 1981 Susmit Bose  in Newark, New Jersey with Pete Seeger before a concert.

Published below is his self introduction.

The decade of the sixties and seventies really mattered! Or so I felt as I, an Indian, could subliminally sense the waves of disillusionment of the West towards post-industrial materialism, even as those waves were wetting our feet on the shores of the subcontinent. The human shame of the Vietnam war, the technological imperialism of the "moonwalk," the underground politics of Cold War, the nuclearisation of life and the quest for a spiritual meaning to one's life characterized the era.

Many of us in late school and college at that time knew in our painful bones, that it was only a matter of time before India would need its own Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan to sing about the angst of urbanization and fragmentation in the country brought about by "development." 

Thus I, as part the English educated, book-reading, exposed, Indian brigade, was mesmerized by the poetry and song of Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan whose lyrics and balladeer style found echoes several thousand miles away in a land mass that was yawning itself out of an old civilization into nationhood even as it was taking its age old music into the heart of rockland to break the mutual impasse forever. The energies were awesome and so were the pitfalls. I began to feel the need to sing like never before and I wanted to sing for India as she was slowly and steadily girding her loins to join the rat race of modernity and development. I decided to lend my skills to the global justice movement.

And so, travels and many international gigs later, I became a singer in modern India inspired by my icons of social change in the West. I began to sing about peace, the ravages of strife and war, and the demented chasing after the good life. I have been walking the musical side-street now for thirty years, sometimes making a living from my poetry and song. Thirty years later, a new pain pierces my song everyday as I watch a neo-liberal globalised contemporary India sprout gory horns of fascism and communalism, displace its rural poor with massive development projects, rape the land and its women, triviaalize the commonsense of traditional knowledge, nurture corruption into large-scale plantations, delay justice for thae common man, capsize her own identity and self-respect, and systematically get rid of the good and sensible in favour of "yapping cash." Wither the safety of a sane society? I must sing now for India as I sang in my youth to just let my song out there, out of the cage.

The one overriding conviction that has settled into my guitar-playing fingers is that culture is the best way of sending a message about even the most complex issues. In my over thirty years of using songs as a medium for advocacy, I am convinced about the efficacy of music as an influence of change. The pulse of the audience transmits itself again and again to me – I have felt "men of conscience" emerging from a rockstone of apathy, seen women cry, heard children clap and sing the chorus and heard the sighs of men. In the middle of all this, I offer thanks that in the last thirty years I haven't sold my soul to music without meaning. I have sung what I believed in and believed in what I've sung. And so I've come to be known as an "urban folk" singer, a term I coined in order to define my style of singing and songwriting as opposed to the traditional folk music traditions, which are rural based and had its own themes which were very different from a rapidly urbanizing India. On the other hand, urban India, with all its contradictions was permeating into the slumbering rural life of India. Finally, as a true denizen of urban India with English being my main tongue, I chose to write and sing in English also with the belief that it was the English speaking sector that made all the policy changes in the country and had the power to install, instill and change, unfortunate though it is. Therefore, I have been commenting on urban life and all the chameleon changes in a fast developing civil society through my songs since 1971 in India. 

While I was groping for a definition of my "urban folk" genre, I had extensive discussions with sociologists, historians and musicians whose academic analysis felt a little too intellectual for me. However, when a stockbroker friend, simply defined it as "public issue" I had my definition. 

While I sing about the deep morass of the moral and civic decay of modern India and the increasing decline of the moral order, I also try to draw upon her perennial wisdom. I have been fascinated by the living traditions of the Bauls of Bengal, a group of wandering minstrels. I sing their songs and have worked extensively with them.

His musical albums are listed below..
·         Winter Baby (1973)
·         Train to Calcutta (1978)
·         Man of Conscience (1990)
·         Public Issue (2006)
·         Be The Change (2007)
·         Song of the Eternal Universe (2008)
·         Rock For Life (2009)
·         Essentially Susmit Bose (2009)
·         Song of Dharma - the story of Mahabharata (2011)

We breathe harmonica!


Performances :: Indian Harmonica Day Celebration 2013 at HaLoH

Ravi Babu- Jai Ganesha Bhajan

Asim Banerjee- Nahi nahi abhi nahi

Ravi  Babu- Aao na pyar kare

Vijay Konda- Meri bhigi bhigi si

G Rajkumar- Chinnari ponnari puvvu

Asim Banerjee- Jaane ja doond ta

Mahendra Gala-Kisiki muskarahaton pe

Vinayak Bhosekar- Aaja sanam madhur

Vivek Upadhyaya- Mere sapno ki rani

Ramana-Ye jo mohabbat hai 

Asim Banerjee-Pardesia

S.G.Helkar- Koi hum dum na raha

Nityam Bhimani- Chala jata hun

Asim Banerjee- Ye mera dil

Yash Betai- Tumhi ho

Ashwin Betai- Aa chalke tujhe

Dr Tapan Mahara- Tumse milkar

Sanat Kumar- Har gadi badal

HaLoH Team performing 'Ye sham mastani'

Avinesh Singh- Rahe na rahe hum

Dr Revati- Gore gore

Elwis Roshan - Kya yahi pyar hai

Asim Banerjee- Najane kyun

Jesson Anand- Sanware salone aye

HaLoH team says Sayonara to the Gathering

HaLoH celebrates Indian Harmonica Day-2013

On Friday, 22nd November 2013, HaLoH celebrated Indian Harmonica Day. 22nd November was the 83rd birthday of Father of Indian Harmonica- Late Shri Milon Gupta

Harmonica Lovers of Hyderabad organized a Karaoke musical nite on  Harmonica. The programme was a grand success with an audience comprising around 250 music lovers from all walks of life. Guest player-Shri Asim Banerjee from Jamshedpur, rocked the show along with HaLoH members and other guests – Dr Tapan Maharana from Odisha ,Shri S.G. Helkar from Jabalpur, Shri Sanat Kumar from Chennai, Shri Sanjay Datta from Bangalore and Rajah of Pithapuram Sri RVMR Ratna Rao.

Those who wish to know more about Shri Asim Banerjee may click on the link below.....

Harmonica Lover of Hyderabad Col C P Sri Ram anchoring the event.
Mr Vinayak (Vice President of HaLoH) welcomes Mr Asim Banerjee

Mr Asim Banerjee lighting the lamp
Mr Vinayak (Vice President of HaLoH)lighting the lamp 
Ramana K, President of HaLoH felicitating Mr Asim Banerjee on behalf of HaLoH.

Mr S G Helkar(Jabalpur),Mr Sanjay Datta (Bangalore),Dr Tapan Maharana(Odisha)

HaLoH team


Details of the performances are given below:
Na jane kyun Asim Banerjee
Aaj koi nahi apna Suman Das
Aa chalke tujhe Ashwin Betai
koi Ham Dam Na Raha S G Helkar
Kisiki muskaraton pe Mahendra Gala
Tumse milke Tapan Maharana
Jaane jaan doond ta Asim Banerjee
Rahe na rahe hum Avinesh Singh
Meri sapno ki rani Vivek Upadhyaya
Aao na pyar kare Ravi Babu
Meri bhigi bigi si Vijay Konda
Nahi nahi abi nahi Asim Banerjee
Ye jo mohabbat hai Ramana
Ye sham mastani Group Song
Aaja sanam Vinayak
Pardesia Asim Banerjee
Gore gore  Dr Revati
Hai dil mujhe batade  A Raj Kumar
Har Gadi Badal Rahi  Sanat Kumar
Gata rahe mera dil Inderjit Singh Soni
Who will stop the rain Rajah of Pithapuram
Ye mera dil Asim Banerjee
Thmhi ho Yash Betai
Chala jata hun Nityam Bhimani
Kya yahi pyar hai Elvis Roshan
Sanwre salone aye Jesson Anand Kumar
Sayonara Group Song
The highlight of this programme was a footage of rare interview of Shri Milon Gupta who was interviewed by his student Shri Saikat Mukherjee- another excellent harmonica player and teacher who successfully trained many harmonica players. The CD of this interview was sourced from Milon da's son Shri Sanjay Gupta. Milon da played some interesting numbers on the Harmonica during the interview. The audience was mesmerised by the melodious renditions of Milon da. Those harmonica lovers who could not attend this programme may view this interview with English sub titles below.

HaLoH thanks the visitors and all the members for the success of this programme. Special thanks to Shri Sanjay Gupta and Smt Sujata Dutta, son and daughter of Milon da respectively who personally called HaLoH and offered their best wishes for the programme.

Please visit this blog for further updates and videos.

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Indian Harmonica Day 2013 Celebration.

HaLoH team is glad to announce that we are celebrating Indian Harmonica Day on 22nd November at Hyderabad. 22nd November is the birthday of Father of Indian Harmonica-Late Shri Milon Gupta. 

All those who wish to enjoy the programme are openly invited. Please extend this invitation to other Harmonica Lovers on our behalf.

We breathe harmonica!

Team HaLoH


Happy Vijaya Dashami.

Happy Vijaya Dashami to all the visitors of HaLoH bog. Vijayadashami is a term synonymous with HaLoH as HaLoH was launched on the Vijayadashami day in 2009. This is our 4th Anniversary.
As autumn sets in and there is a smell of festivity in the air and gaiety in our hearts, we usher in the Mother Goddess, the harbinger of all things good and the defeater of all evil. It is the Festival of Festivals, a celebration of history, art, culture, music, food, community cooperation and happiness that transcends age, generation, gender and race. Celebrated with a pomp and fervour seen in very few places across the world.
This Navratra, HaLoH was invited to perform on the prestigious platform of The Hyderabad Bangalee Samity (HBS) on 10th October 2013 for Grand Durga Puja Celebrations 2013.
HaLoH joined with HBS in Celebrating good over evil. The puja rituals and cultural performances that form a major part of the celebrations attract large number of devotees every year over five days – from Panchami (Wednesday, 9th Oct 2013) to Vijaya Dashami (Monday, 14th Oct 2013).
The Hyderabad Bangalee Samity (HBS), established in 1942 and also one of the oldest and parent Bengali organisations in the twin cities, has informed that the Durga Puja idol has been made by the world famous artists from Kumartuli in Kolkata and has the traditional touch of the authentic ‘Ek Challer Thakur’ which means that the all deities will be installed under one umbrella or on the same platform. Innovative pandal designs and different forms of the idol are a part of the celebrations as much as the worshippers turning out in their finest.
HaLoH team-Vinayak, Suman Das, Vivek Upadhyaya, Ravi Babu, G Rajkumar, Mahendra Gala, Ashwin Betai and Ramana performed some songs on harmonica which included Bhajans, Rabindra Sangeet, Bengali Melodies and Bollywood classics. HaLoH team felt honoured to perform on this prestigious platform of HBS where the renowned artistes like Manna Dey, Bappi Lahiri, Runa Laila, Anup Ghoshal, Vinod Rathor and Shampa Haldar performed in the past.
We wish to visit the Pandal of Hyderabad Bengalee Samiti (HBS) every year during Puja and other Cultural celebrations and perform on Harmonica.


We breathe harmonica!


Delhi All India Harmonica Meet - 2013

All India Harmonica Meet was successfully organised by HBD- Harmonica Brotherhood of Delhi on 28th and 29th September 2013. Seven harmonica lovers from HaLoH participated in the event. The programme was a grand success with around 100 harmonica lovers attending the meet from all the corners of India. The credit for organizing this mega event solely goes to HBD team-especially Shri Ashok Bhandari, Shri Rajeev Ranjan Baisantry and Shri Channi Chawla who left no stone unturned to make the event a grand success.

We Breathe Harmonica!


Bangalore Harmonica Festival- 2013

Namma Bengaluru!

Bangalore Harmonica Lovers in association with Sonido Musicals organised “Bangalore Harmonica Festival”, the first ever harmonica festival in Bangalore with the sole aim of promoting the harmonica. This event was dedicated to Shri Milon Gupta-The Father of Indian Harmonica.

This day-long  harmonica festival started with the lightening of  lamp by Chief Guest film actress Shubha Poonja, Shri Chenraj Jain, Shri Saket Jalan of Sonido Musicals and the core members of HaLoH Mr Vinayak and Ramana K.

Carnatic Flutist Shri Mysore A. Chandan Kumar came as a Special Guest to this event

Mr Debashish Dutta, seniormost core member of Bangalore Harmonica Lovers navigated the event while Mr Sanjay Datta was the anchor.
There was an interesting audio-visual presentation consisting of various subjects related with harmonica like -Early History and development of harmonica, Indian harmonica history,Types of harmonicas, Vintage and rare harmonicas, World popular harmonica players in different genres..(videos played in the Gallery embedded here for the benefit of visitors of this blog)

Larry Adler

Jerry Murad's Harmonicats

Most popular Indian harmonica players-past and present 

Milon Gupta

Sumanta Basu

Gautam Choudhury

Women in harmonica

Michal Adler

Christeller Berthon

Women in Indian Harmonica

Dr Babita Basu

Children in harmonica

Children in Indian harmonica.


Harmonica recitals started with “Hamsanadha”  a 50 Children's choir from Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir, Vidyaranyapura whose performance left the audience spellbound.

This was followed by Carnatic Classical by Saitejas Chandrashekhar.

There was a short workshop on types of harmonica and routine maintenance of harmonica using Audio-Video presentation by Shri Debashish Dutta.

There was a narration on the versatility of the instrument along with demonstrations by members of Bangalore Harmonica Lovers. Videos showing Symphony, Trio and One-man show were played for the audience. 
 One-man shows were presented by Bangalore Harmonica Lovers Stany Prasanna, Ishan Bakshi, Hari Shankar and Mr Allen Rego.

Later, there was an introduction on Western Music-Blues on Harmonica by Shubham Harnal, "by2blues" Vasudev Prabhu and Anant Menon.

This was followed by a narration on Bollywood songs using harmonica.

There were performances by club members on Bollywood tracks.

Deepak Tahilramani


CM Khare

S J Prasanna


Remaining videos will be posted soon.. please watch for the space! 

Not only was the program Informative and Entertaining but it also involved the audience by conducting an interesting QUIZ by Shri Debashish Dutta on entire day’s proceedings and the winners got precious gifts like Hohner harmonicas, Harmonica Educational books and Commercial Harmonica CDs by popular Indian artistes.

Initiators of Bangalore Harmonica Club Mr Avinash Kulkarni and Mr Kapilesh were honored with flower bouquets.

Bangalore Harmonica Lovers conveyed their special thanks to Messrs Debashis Dutta,Sanjay Datta,Ashok SenGupta and Nidhi Mohta with out whose involvement this programme wouldn’t have been a Grand Success.

HaLoH congratulates Bangalore Harmonica Lovers for successfully conducting the program and wishes them a grand success in all their future endeavours.

We Breathe Harmonica!


Indian Mouthorgan Players’ Meet-2013, Delhi.

Harmonica Brotherhood of Delhi takes pleasure in announcing the 2nd IMP Meet at Delhi on 28th & 29th September (Saturday & Sunday) which should suit to those who are office workers.

Venue: ‘Hari Ram Rameti Devi’ (Bhiwani Wale) Banquet Hall B.D. Block (Behind Power House), Pitam Pura, New Delhi-110085.It is a well constructed and spacious multipurpose hall. Pitam Pura, which is on the way to Rohini Township, is well connected from New Delhi Railway Station, Old Delhi Railway Station and Delhi Airport by Metro Rail network and other modes of transport. The Metro Rail station is Pitam Pura and the bus stop is Madhuban Chowk

Important Information/Guidelines

1) A large number of participants have enquired that, as they would be arriving on 27th September, will accommodation on that day at the programme venue be available to them . This was not planned originally, as this called for extra expenditure beyond what was budgeted. However, considering the genuine hardship the participants will encounter in case they are to stay in an alternative accommodation at their expense, we have cut corners and hired the venue on 27th also at additional expense to provide relief to the participants. But, they will have to arrange meals etc at their expense. There are good eateries around the venue.

2) Those who wish to stay at their expense in the hotel identified by us as mentioned in the earlier post, are requested to inform the dates for which they require the hotel accommodation .The concessional tariff of Rs2500 per day is available provided an entire floor having nine double occupancy rooms is booked. A third bed can be provided at additional charge of Rs 250 per day. They are further requested to remit the estimated tariff to the bank account in which the registration fee was remitted.

3) We understand, some of the participants have friends/relatives in Delhi with whom they will be staying. All such participants are requested to inform us about this so that we may cut down on the arrangements.

4) All out station participants must carry valid proof of identification such as: Voter Card/PAN Card/ Passport.

5) Though the weather is not very cold in Delhi at the end of September, but like so many glorius and inglorious uncertainties in life, the weather of Delhi is unpredictable. For their own comfort, participants are advised to carry light woolens. 
6) Participants are requested to inform their travel plan i.e. the date /time of arrival and departure, the name of the train/ flight number to enable us to guide them to the venue.

7) In the next update information about connectivity from railway station(s)/airport/ Interstate bus terminus to the venue will be detailed out.

8 For proper coordination, participants are requested to address their queries and transmit all information to the email: rajeev.baisantry@gmail .com (Tel: 07428433177)

The list of confirmed participants whose registration fee has been received, is as under:

1) Jagjit Singh Isher, Jammu
2) Pritam Chandel, Solan ( H.P.)
3) Harish Nayyar, Amritsar
4) Doordarshi Singh, Patiala
5) Gopal Sharma, Haridwar
6) Raman Khandelwal,Jaipur
7) Anand Lal Mathur, Jaipur
8. Madhur Bhatia, Agra
9) Rajesh Goswami, Agra
10) Brijesh , Aligarh
11) Sanjay Aggrawal,Lucknow
12) Yogesh Tamta, Lucknow
13) S K Shreshtha, Lucknow
14) Ashish Mathur, Lucknow
15) Ashok Bhandari, Delhi
16) Rupak Talukdar,Delhi
17) Naresh Sachdev, Delhi
18) Rakesh Yadaw, Delhi
19) Chandra Prakashh (Channi) Chawla,Delhi
20) Rajeev Ranjan Baisantry, Delhi
21) A P Mukundan, Delhi
22) Shashank Bibhu,Delhi
23) Surrendra Pal Banga, Delhi 
24) Rajendra Kotwal, Delhi 
25) Gurmukh Das Jawaharani (G D ), Delhi
26) Rakesh Chowdhary, Delhi
27) Alok Srivastava, Delhi
28) Group Captain Pramod Wankhade, Delhi
29) Provir Mookerjee, Delhi
30) Sumitabh Chowdhary, Delhi
31) Abhinav Sahay, Delhi
32) Prabh Singh, Gurgaon, Haryana
33) Dr Raghvan Iyengar, Indore
34) Dr Pramod Bansod,Indore
35) Dr Mahendra Agarawal , Indore
36) Girish Deshpande,Indore
37) Dr Pravin Jadia,Indore
38) Srinivas Tatacharya,Indore
39) Satyanarain Joshi,Indore
40) Chandrakant Mansata,Indore
41) Sumeet Thakkar,Indore
42) R S Bankura, Indore
43) Nakul Dhagat, Bhopal
44) Vijay Trivedi, Bhopal
45) Nitin Dhagat, Bhopal
46) Arunav Chowdhary, Bhopal
47) Suresh Kr Soni ,Bhopal
48) Ajay Vijh ,Singrauli (MP)
49) Gautam Laha, Annapara (MP) 
50) S G Helkar,Jabalpur 
51) Rameshwaram Bharadwaj, Katni (MP) 
52) Rajeev Shrivastava, Dubai
53) Madan Kumar, Pune (Guest of Honour) 
54) Nandu Belvalkar, Pune
55) Hemant Gadre, Pune
56) Sunil Patil, Pune
57) Amaresh Deshpande, Pune
58) Dr A G Chandele, Pune
59) Rahul Joshi, Pune
60) Mahadeo Chaudhari, Pune
61) Manohar Vaidya, Ahmedabad
62) Yogesh Bhatt,Ahmedabad
63) Apoorva Bhatt, Baroda
64) Amjad Khan (Babu Bhai), Baroda
65) Nitin Bhai, Baroda
66) Rupesh, Baroda
67) Dr Shailendra Kumar, Muzzafarpur
68) Ajay Krishna, Patna
69) Anupam Pal , Kolkata
70) Kajal Chakraborty, Kolkata
71) Sumanta Basu, Kolkata
72) Sukanto Ghoshal, Kolkata
73) Tanmoy Shankar Choudhary, Kolkata
74) Suhas Mitra, Kolkata
75) Dr Debasis Banerjee, Kolkata
76) Alok Kumar Das, Kolkata 
77) Tuhin Subhra Bhaumik, Kolkota
78) Aseem Bannerje,Jamshedpur 
79) Ujjal Dutta,Jamshedpur 
80) Krishnan Reddy, Chakradharpur
81) Debojyoti Gupta, Malda (WB)
82) Swaroop Mitra, Raniganj 
83) Saurav Debnath, Asansol
84) Sumit Guha, Asansol
85) Bal Bhadra Haigjer,Guwahati
86) Dr Tapan Maharana, Orissa
87) Himanshu Charan Sadangi, Bhawanipatna (Orissa)
88) Deepak Dubey, Korba (Chattisgarh)
89) Saitejas Chandshekhar, Bangalore 
90) Ramana K , Hyderabad
91) Vinayak Bhosekar, Hyderabad
92) Avinesh Singh, Hyderabad
93) Mahendra Premji Gala, Hyderabad
94) Vivek Upadhyay, Hyderabad
95) G Ravi Babu, Hyderabad
96) Vishwanath. S. Rao, Bangalore
97) Avinash Kulkarni, Bangalore
98) Debashish Dutta, Bangalore
99) Kapilesh Kale, Bangalore
100)Sanjay M Datta.Bangalore
101)Sanat Kumar, Chennai
102)Abel Varghese , Chennai
103)G Rajkumar,Hyderabad.
104)Ashok Pandit, Trivandrum

In addition, there are a couple of remittances in the event account whose remitters could not be identified in the absence of their particulars. Therefore, their names do not figure in this list. In case a participant who has remitted the registration fee does not find his name in this list, he is advised to please bring this to our notice by e-mail (rajeev.baisantry@gmail.com) along with the details such as: date / place/bank /branch of remittance, mode of remittance i.e. by cash or cheque or NEFT/RTGS.
Organizers are overwhelmed by the response. However, considering the duration of the event during which it be will be an extremely uphill task to manage staging performance of all the participants, coupled with the limits to the resources and overall logistics required to organize the event, registration of participants stand CLOSED ON AUGUST 22nd 2013.

How to reach the venue:
From Nizamuddin Railway Station: Nearest Metro Rail station is Jangpura. From here, board the train for Central Secretariat station. From there, board the Yellow Line train for Kashmiri Gate station. From there, board the Red Line train heading to Rithala station. De board at Pitampura station

From New Delhi Railway Station: Metro Rail Station is outside the station complex. From here board the Yellow Line train for Kashmiri Gate. From there, board the Red Line train heading to Rithala station. Get down at Pitampura.

From Old Delhi Railway Station: Come up to Chandni Chowk Metro Rail station. From here, board yellow line train for Kashmiri Gate. From there, board Red Line train heading to Rithala. Get down at Pitampura. 

From IGI Airport: The Airport Metro Rail will take you up to New Delhi Railway Station. From here, board Yellow Line train to Kashmiri Gate. From there, board Red Line train heading to Rithala and get down at Pitampura station
The venue is not more than 500 meters from the Pitampura Station. In case you are not carrying heavy luggage you may consider walking up to the venue. Otherwise, engage an auto rickshaw. The venue is adjacent to the BD Block Powerhouse (It is actually a Substation, but commonly known as Powerhouse). After de boarding at Pitampura, head in the direction of the movement of metro train till you reach the traffic junction. Take right turn. As you reach the next traffic signal, the Power house, which is on your right hand side, will come in your view. At the traffic signal, take right turn. Keep moving. You will come across a small shopping centre. Take the lane on the right hand side to reach the venue.

In case of difficulty in locating the venue, please call Shri Channi Chawla or Rajeev Ranjan on their cell phone.

Guidelines for Performers

These guidelines take into consideration 
i) available time, 
ii) number of participants and 
iii) time required for the technical sessions.

1) There will be an orchestra on both the days to give accompaniment.

2) Each performer will be given opportunity to play one song limited to two stanzas of the song. 

3) Those who prefer playing along karaoke tracks must mail their karaoke track(s) to the e-mail: rajeev.baisantry@gmail.com before 24th September. This is required for sequencing all the performances in advance. Tracks received after this date will not be accepted for performance and the participant(s) in question will have to resort to some other private alternative. Participants may mail up to two tracks identifiable by their own names and not title of the song. In case of two tracks, both the tracks must be numbered as: name of the participant 1) &2). Two tracks cannot be combined to make one song/track /performance. Tracks must be in MP3 format only. Tracks in other formats will not be accepted.

4) Senior/reputed players recognized for quality of their playing /technical perfection will be allotted more time. Listening to their performance will be a good learning experience for those participants who are at beginner and intermediate level of playing. Such participants should not resent this arrangement.

5) The organizers reserve the right to determine the order in which the participants will perform and how much time will be allotted for their performance.
Indian Mouthorgan Players’ Meet-2013, Delhi (Update 20th September 2013)


28th September:


10:30AM to 1PM: Inaugural Session
# Welcome of Shri Madan Kumar
# Lighting of Lamp by Shri Madan Kumar
# Welcome Address
# Carnatic Music Recital on Harmonica by Saitejas Chandrashekar
# My Journey as Professional Harmonica Player: Madan Kumar
# Future of Harmonica in India: Views by Senior Players. (To be invited on stage on the spot)

1 PM to 2 PM: L U N C H B R E A K 

2 PM to 3 PM: Technical Session: Analyzing a song for playing on Harmonica: Nandu Belvalkar

3PM to 5 PM: Performance by the Participants

5 PM to 5:30 PM: E V E N I N G T E A B R E A K 

5:30PM to 9 PM: Performance by the Participants

29th September

9 AM to 10 AM: B R E A K F A S T

10 AM to 11 AM: Technical Session: Dealing with Feelings in Playing: Shri Sumanta Basu 

11 AM to 12:30 AM: Technical Session: My Focus In Playing : Madan Kumar, Anupam Pal, Kajal Chakraborty, Manohar Vaidya, Ashok Bhandari, Vinayak Bhosekar 

12:30 to 1 PM: Technical Session: Experimenting with Indian Classical Music on harmonica: Shri Sunil Patil

1PM to 2 PM: L U N C H B R E A K

2PM to 2:45 PM: Technical Session: Maintenance & Repair of Harmonica: Rajeev Ranjan Baisantry

2:45PM to 3:30 PM: Open House Question & Answer Session

3:30 PM to 5 PM: Performance by Participants

5 PM to 5:30 PM: E V E N I N G T E A B R E A K

6PM to 8PM: Performance by Participants

8 PM to 8:30 PM: Winding Up


Note: The Programme Schedule May Be Changed To Accommodate Additional Topics Requested By The Participants. In The Process, Duration Of The Scheduled Sessions May Be Reduced Or One Or More Sessions May Be Substituted.

Guide Lines for the Participants:
1) Any sort of videography of the event and audio recording of the performance will not be allowed. If despite this, any member of the audience does video graph or audio records the performance, it shall not be uploaded by him in YouTube/Face Book or any other internet social network.
2) Smoking will not be allowed in the auditorium nor will the inebriated state of any participant.
3) Sequence of performance and the time allowed to the participant(s) for their performance will be decided exclusively by Harmonica Brotherhood Delhi.
4) Audio and video contents of this event will remain the property of Harmonica Brotherhood Delhi.