Harmonica lover aims for new Guiness record

As per the English daily newpaper DNA, a Harmonica lover Shaileshkumar S. Sethiya, who recently shifted to Bangalore, had aimed for a new Guiness record on May 1st 2010 by playing the harmonica continously for 30 Hrs. This was published in DNA's May 26th edition. Interested in this article? Just go to the link mentioned or try reading page no.5 of the electronic paper issued on that date.



Harmonica lover of the week-Inderjit Singh Soni

Shri Inderjit Singh Soni invited all HaLoH members to his residence. Hence, this week, instead of meeting at our regular venue-Indira park, Harmonica Lovers of Hyderabad Mahendra gala, Kailashnath, Shivraj, A Rajkumar, Avinesh Singh, Dharmendra Jain, Ravibabu and Ramana assembled at Shri Soni’s residence. We had a great musical session for 2 hours blended with all kinds of tunes on harmonica followed with tasty Punjabi snacks :-P

HaLoH thanks Mr Soni for his warm reception and hospitality

In the following video I have used a western harmonica tune played by anonymous player :-)


Aajare pardesi- Avinesh Singh

Hi Friends,
This is my second attempt with Karaoke.
Although this song is relatively difficult I have tried it hard and dedicating it to MY Harmonica Lovers of Hyderabad (HaLoH)
I have selected a song from film Madhumati. Aaa Jaa Rae Pardesi... I am really inspired by the way Ashok Bhandari Ji has played it.
My sincere thanks to Ashok Bhandari the Big B(handari) of Indian Harmonica, who has provided me the original Karaoke track which he had recorded for the same song when he played it in Harmonica. Hope you all would like it.

-Avinesh Singh