Harmonica lover aims for new Guiness record

As per the English daily newpaper DNA, a Harmonica lover Shaileshkumar S. Sethiya, who recently shifted to Bangalore, had aimed for a new Guiness record on May 1st 2010 by playing the harmonica continously for 30 Hrs. This was published in DNA's May 26th edition. Interested in this article? Just go to the link mentioned or try reading page no.5 of the electronic paper issued on that date.



Keyur Shah said...

Thank you Ramana for bringing this to notice of everyone !!!

There are some real people - who act so well to promote harmonica and Indian art !

Kudos Shaileshji !

Ramana said...

Dear Keyur bhai,
we must thank our Raman Khandelwal, he provided this information.

Keyur Shah said...

Oops ! Dear Ramanji, I request you to please accept my thanks. ;-)

raman said...

The pleasure is mine!