Aajare pardesi- Avinesh Singh

Hi Friends,
This is my second attempt with Karaoke.
Although this song is relatively difficult I have tried it hard and dedicating it to MY Harmonica Lovers of Hyderabad (HaLoH)
I have selected a song from film Madhumati. Aaa Jaa Rae Pardesi... I am really inspired by the way Ashok Bhandari Ji has played it.
My sincere thanks to Ashok Bhandari the Big B(handari) of Indian Harmonica, who has provided me the original Karaoke track which he had recorded for the same song when he played it in Harmonica. Hope you all would like it.

-Avinesh Singh


Ramana said...

I swear I will hug you for this incredible performance on harmonica.

Avinesh Kumar Singh said...

Hi Ramana,
Thanks for your love and affection for this performance and Harmonica. Thanks for your hug too :-)
Regards, Avinesh Singh

Unknown said...


Simply superb! all the best keep harping..GR8

Unknown said...

avinesh sirji its really gr8 gr8 gr8 gr8 to hear this performance..... very beautifully played.

Avinesh Kumar Singh said...

Hello Ravi Bhai and Dharmendra,
Thanks for your encouraging comments !!
Going to try something more exciting... Regards, Avinesh

Keyur Shah said...

Avineshji, I enjoyed, fully ! You didn't miss a beat. What a synchronization ! Difficult song and I know, you've recorded it in one go. Keep it up.

Avinesh Kumar Singh said...

Keyur Ji, Thanks for your encouraging comments !!
Also I just want to thank you all so much for listening to me,
having my music heard means so much to me, and I promise I will try to improve and post few more songs soon.