A. Rajkumar, playing Mera Nam ChinChun Chu on Harmonica, at Indira Park

       Amaran Rajkumar, is one of the founder members of Harmonica Lovers of Hyderabad. He is a retired officer from GHMC (Town and Planning Department). 

       A. Rajkumar has been associated with Harmonica since last 58 years (from 1960). He narrates that he had a Parsi friend named Cyrus Mehta who used to carry Harmonica in his pocket and play. Mr. Rajkumar was influenced by him and purchased a Chinese mouth organ to start his journey. 
     He recalls one fine evening of 2008 when he along with few other harmonica lovers met at Taj Mahal Hotel and decided to form a Harmonica Club in Hyderabad. They decided to meet at Indira Park every Sunday and play the instrument. Mr. Rajkumar says that HaLoH has played a very significant role in promoting Harmonica in Hyderabad. He also stresses that this small instrument has a very good future as he sees more and more people learning this instrument across India.