Indian Harmonica Day 2013 Celebration.

HaLoH team is glad to announce that we are celebrating Indian Harmonica Day on 22nd November at Hyderabad. 22nd November is the birthday of Father of Indian Harmonica-Late Shri Milon Gupta. 

All those who wish to enjoy the programme are openly invited. Please extend this invitation to other Harmonica Lovers on our behalf.

We breathe harmonica!

Team HaLoH

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Anand said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the harmonica fest on friday. All the players were rocking... The event was well arranged (in the appropriately named melody hall) and very nicely held together by colonel sriram.
It would've been nice to have a longer evening.. overall, the evening just left me wishing to play like any of the players and watching a ton of youtube harmonica videos afterwards. Keep up the great efforts and making great music. Thanks.