An Evening at DGQA Officers’ Mess, Secunderabad.

On the eve of the New Year 2013 Harmonica Lovers of Hyderabad paid its tribute to the mighty Indian Army, along with a select few members of the defense personnel at DGQA Officers’ Mess, Secunderabad under the aegis of Col. C P Sri Ram.

HaLoH members played the immortal songs that enthused the sense of love and respect for fellow beings.  The association of harmonica with soldiers was recalled, the days of the world wars when soldiers died fighting for their country with the harmonicas by their hearts.  The fact accepted by the world that the educational and character building qualities of this pocket orchestra and its relevance in today's deteriorating society was once again impressed upon the young audience by Mr Vinayak.  The gathering resolved wishing the New Year 2013 will dawn in a new era of peace, equality and prosperity for all.     

We breathe harmonica!

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