Steve Baker trains Harmonica lovers

Recently, a crash course on harmonica was organised jointly by HOHNER and FURTADOS at Furtados, Bangalore. The event was aimed to impart training to Indian harmonica Players to explore Blues music as well to overcome the limitations of diatonic harmonica.

In all creative arts, it is important that the guru is able to pass on the knowledge to the student, in person. Steve Baker did a wonderful job by having one-to-one interaction with the participants and by answering all the queries very patiently.

Steve expressed that he intends to conduct advanced crash course for all the participants in this work shop in a reasonable interval.

The harmonica Lovers who completed this crash course and received “Certificate of Achievement” by Steve Baker are..
Giridhar Kamesh
Dr Nikhil Kandurwar
Vasudev Prabhu
Ravi Shankar
Vinayak B
Ramana K
Ishan Bakshi
Debashis Dutta
Naveen B L
Nazarius Manoharan
Shreyas Parthasarathy
Chandrashekhar Khare
Mahesh Lakshmanswamy
Kapilesh Kale
Aashish Sharma
Vaibhav Aphale.

We Breathe Harmonica!

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