Give me some sun shine- 3 idiots

Harmonica lover of the week Mr Avinesh Singh:

I love playing Harmonica. I had started learning it when i was in college. My friends would definitely remember me for this (not for studies he he he). After playing for a couple of years I almost left playing because of my job pressure. But one fine morning I saw Harmonica Lovers of Hyderabad blog. I joined the group immediately. And it was a rebirth for my Harmonica skills. I am learning a lot from them and sharing my knowledge too. I normally play with HOHNER SUPER 64X.

This time i have selected a song from the film 3 Idiots. Give Me Some Sun Shine.Hope you all would like it

I am trying out a couple of songs, hope you would enjoy!

You can also catch me on my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/Avineshutube

with love.. Avinesh Singh


raman said...

That was a good attempt Avinesh! We need more and more latest numbers like these to encourage the youngsters of today to play the harmonica. Harmonica Our Passion!

Avinesh Kumar Singh said...

Thanks Ramana, I am trying out few other latest numbers also... -Avinesh

Keyur Shah said...

Well played Mr. Avinesh ! Keep up the good work. I very much like the warm tone of Hohner 64X. Good luck.

Avinesh Kumar Singh said...

Thanks Keyush, although i am not very much used to 64X trying to adapt and learn it because of its tone and depth of its sound in the lower octaves

Sanath Kumar said...

That was wonderful playing, Avinesh! Enjoyed all your songs! Look forward to meeting you sometime during the weekly meetings at Indira Park. Best Wishes, Sanath Kumar

Avinesh Kumar Singh said...

Hi Sanat, Thanks for your appreciation. Yes we can definitely meet on coming Sunday 21st March.
Regards, Avinesh