Tears of Joy- Kailashnath

As we shared with you a few weeks ago that internet makes new relations, there is yet one more example to illustrate this point. We came across harmonica lover Mr Kailashnath through a social network on the Internet platform. Within very short span of time Mr Kailashnath became very close to everybody and became a key member in HaLoH activities. Currently, he is the Joint Secretary of Harmonica Lovers of Hyderabad (Regd).

Mr Kailashnath is a technical manager in ECIL , living with his better half, a son who is a software engineer at Hyderabad, and a Daughter who’s a Bio Medical Engineer now settled in USA. He is always a cheerful person and attracts everybody with his “Do not expect anything in order to avoid getting disappointed” philosophy.

Mr Kailashnath during his 11 years of age suffered from severe typhoid fever and was reluctant to get admitted in hospital. His father, (late) Shri Kedarnath Who was a self taught sitar player cum harmonica player convinced him to take the treatment after promising him a harmonica as a gift. As per the promise his father presented him a Hohner CG Comet harmonica on the hospital bed itself. He also gave some tips to play the hearmonica.That’s the beginning of harmonica in Kailashnath’s life with National Anthem Janaganamana. Being an elder son in the family, his responsibilities grew up and harmonica disappeared gradually from his life and he also lost that CG Comet harmonica.

Recently Mr Kailashnath’s daughter DOLLY came to India with a surprise gift for her beloved father. This gift was none other than a Hohner CG Comet harmonica. After almost 3 decades, Kailashnath touched a CG Comet. Both Dolly and Kailashnath visited HaLoH at Indirapark. His eyes were filled with tears of joy when he played that harmonica and shared his feelings with us.


Keyur Shah said...

Thats sweet and touchy ! Congrates for CG Comet Sir.

Kailashnath said...

Thank you Mr. Shah