A reason to smile!

It is our firm faith that music is the language of God made us believe that it is nothing less than a miracle when we received a call from Dr.Rao of GOLD AGE ASHRAM AND HOSPITAL, a home for the aged people since 1979, to entertain the resident senior citizens under their loving care this Sunday, on the 8th of November 2009.These senior citizens had a reason to smile as they enjoyed our renditions on the harmonica. This is the first performance of HaLoH for the outsiders.
As soon as we entered the premises of GOLDAGE we were totally engulfed by the divine atmosphere pervading there and we were possessed by their motto - I Love You, I Surrender to You, and I Serve You.
Our faith got strengthened even further when we realized that we got our maiden chance to associate ourselves as HaLoH with the people who were selflessly serving the inmates as a mother takes care of her own children. Some of them were from families that were well off and their children were reluctant to take care of their parents. Some senior citizens were so sick that their physiotherapist Dr.Rao was surprised to see them tap their legs and clap along with the music that was being played on the harmonica.
Rajkumar Gavvala began our performance with the song… Chinnari ponnari puvvu(means..Oh tiny little flower in Telugu) and followed by golden melodies, devotional songs and few bhajans at the end of the programme as a group we played our national anthem Jana gana mana on harmonica.
At the conclusion of our performance we received blessings of all the mothers present there, which gave us further strength, changed our outlook towards life and we stepped out with a new vision.

Thus begins the Golden age of HaLoH with GOLDAGE.

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