Prasad..Passion for harmonica.

A harmonica lover Mr Prasad , An employee of Google India happened to listen our live harmonica live programme in RED FM 93.5 on radio in his car and he was excited to learn that there is an umbrella titled “HaLoH” in Hyderabad which is very active in promoting the harmonica.He turned up for the gathering today on 22nd Nov’09 at Indira park to celebrate the 76th birth anniversary of the harmonica legend Shri Milon Gupta.He told he lost the touch with harmonica over ten years but with a ten hole diatonic he played not less than ten songs flawlessly.HaLoH welcomes Prasad.


Abe Thomas said...

Dear Prasad:

Very nice to see another diatonic lover. Can you kindly give the names of the songs you are able to play on a 10 hole?.. I would like to share them with some people who are skeptical about the ability of the 10 hole diatonic to play Indian songs.

Thank you very much, Abe

Prasad said...

Hi Abe,

Nice to know you too. It was a privilege meeting such a bunch of professional harmonica players in Hyderabad and learn a lot from them. But for Haloh, my passion for harmonica would have died a slow death. I had the opportunity to play tunes like Zindagi Milke Bitayenge, Tandi Hawa, Naa Hrudayamulo Nidhurinche cheli, Kyu Chalti hai pavan, jaaneman jaaneman, a couple of english like the Magnificent Seven theme, strangers in the night etc.

Also good to note that you run a wonderful site for music lovers. Keep up the good work.