RED FM 93.5 live of HaLoH programme from Indira park

The special agenda of today’s gathering on Sunday 22nd Nov’09 at Indira Park was to celebrate the 76th birth anniversary of Indian harmonica legend Shri Milon Gupta.

Milon da’s photograph was honored with garland and shawl by HaLoH members. Since this harmonica legend no more with us the same shawl was gifted to his student and back bone of HaLoH Shri Vinayak B. On this occasion the RED FM 93.5 had broadcasted one more live programme for one hour 8am-9am from Indira park. This was RJ Sunayana’s Interactive session with us on harmonica and HaLoH activities, Mr Ravibabu played harmonica live on the mobile phone through which the programme was broadcasted.This was the one of the happiest moment for the Harmonica Lovers of Hyderabad(HaLoH).

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