Shri.Vinayak B, student of harmonica legend Shri.Milon Gupta has addressed the gathering , given below is the transcription of his speech..
I thank each and everybody in being part of this event on this auspicious occasion and especially Shri.Kantha Rao garu, under his patronship we are all here today and forming as HaLoH-Harmonica Lovers of Hyderabad. I wanted to clarify what Harmonica Lovers of Hyderabad are. Harmonica Lovers of Hyderabad is not a club, its not an organization, its not a new entity at all, its just an identity. those who love harmonica ,play harmonica,love to play harmonica, those they don’t know anything about harmonica but they want to learn harmonica,those because of their old age or disabilities cant play harmonica but they appreciate harmonica-those are natural members of HaLoH. That is why we are not made any charter to HaLoH, no rules and no restrictions for HaLoH.we are going to give a little bit publicity to the world that such group exists in some corner of the globe. to become a part of HaLoH, there are no restrictions whether one plays a diatonic,chromatic or any other kind of harmonica-which may be either Indian or foreign. playing Indian or western on Hohner or Tower is a Harmonica Lover.
Across the globe, whomever think he loves harmonica are natural members of HaLoH. Again, the name-Hyderabad doesn’t suit here because when it is here, we don’t want to restrict it but we want to express our thoughts to the world we are here in Hyderabad which is why we have incorporated the name Hyderabad here.The people who are part of HaLoH are free to join any other harmonica clubs they wish,it doesn’t seize them to be a Harmonica Lover of Hyderabad. Even if they want to start their own club or group, they are very much welcome we will support them whole heartedly in all means. so everybody irrespective of any alliance to any club, HaLoH just exists as a name as a flag under which we all assemble.
There is a saying “Music is a language of God” then I would say my personal view let us make this tiny, humble instrument the tool for liberation..

Thank you very much..

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Sanath Kumar said...

Dear members of HaLoH,

I once again congratulate the vibrating enthusiasm and the sincere efforts of all of you finally resulting in the amalgamation of HaLoH. I wish all of you great success in all your endeavours. It is a great beginning to honour such great Senior Harmonica players as their blessings and invaluable guidance are always essential for the upcoming young enthusiasts of the coming generations.

As Shri Vinayakji rightly said, Music is the language of God and is beyond all petty man-made boundaries like nationality, religion etc. It is a great instrument of unity, a great solace in adversity and a great source of inspiration in life.

All the Best & Long Live HaLoH!

I shall try to meet all of you during my next trip to Hyderabad. Bye for now.