HaLoH greets Harmonica nation on the eve of Gandhi Jayanthi

Gandhiji is one of the greatest of men born on earth. He sacrificed a life of luxury for the sake of our country. He gave the world the precious message of non-violence. He and his teachings so influenced men that he had followers all over the world. Mahatma Gandhi’s greatness lies in his teachings; Truth and Non-violence, and in his economic policy Grama Swaraj or Sarvodaya.
In truth and non-violence, we have a practical universal creed that can unite the whole world in a bond of love and peace. Truth and non-violence form the essence of every religion. Even if a person does not follow the rules of any religion, he can become spiritually great. No religion teaches you falsehood and violence. Non-violence is only another name for love just as violence is another name for hatred. Gandhiji not only preached truth and non-violence, but he practiced them. That is why he is called Mahatma (great soul).
Mahatma Gandhi’s economic policy Grama Swaraj is meant for us, i.e.., for India. We can rebuild our economy and become prosperous through Grama Swaraj. Moreover, Grama Swaraj can provide employment to all the villagers in every village. Thus the problem of unemployment can be solved.

World Peace can be established by following Truth and Non-violence. We can solve the problem of unemployment and become prosperous through Grama Swaraj. That is why Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings are relevant today.

HaLoH tributes to father of nation Mahatma Gandhiji.

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