Harmonica Lovers Ramana and Mahendra Gala honouring Shri.Rajkumar Gavvala who is the senior most harmonica player known to us in Andhra Pradesh. His introduction given below..

Shri.Rajkumar Gavvala was born on Dec. 3rd, 1948 at Secunderabad A.P. started playing harmonica at a very tender age inspired by the harmonica music in the super hit hindi movie “Dosti.” His first harmonica was an Indian made Bharath Harmonica. Even at that tender age he was being invited to play mouth organ in cultural programs. He won many music competitions while in school. He also learned to play violin under the tutelage of Smt. Pusala Manorama, grand daughter of the famous carnatic violinist Shri Dwaram Venkata Swamy Naidu. His most memorable event came when he was invited to play to commemorate the golden jubilee of Osmania University. Since then he never turned back.
A globe trotter. He played Indian tunes on harmonica wherever he went to like Sri Lanka, Bangkok, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Austria,France, Italy, Rome, UK, Belgium, Netherlands and Ireland etc. and also from street corners to prestigious auditoriums of Hyderabad.Now retired after serving the govt. of Andhra Pradesh and the people, as a superintendent of Panchayat Raj Department.
HaLoH team salutes this great personality for playing the harmonica for the last 53 years.


Abhishek Balchuguri said...

Great person

Anonymous said...

He is a lovable person and very generous in nature. Few know about his charities to several schools and old age homes. It is apparent that he may have donated half of all his life-long earnings to such causes.
He loves his pet dog too too much.
May Almighty give him more strength to entertain music lovers. I love him a lot...
Shravan Kumar