was hosted by Himalayan Nritya Kala Sangeet Academy at Haridwar on the 13 th and 14th of  September 2014

Venue: Hotel The Great Ananda, Haridwar-Rishikesh Highway, Haridwar, INDIA

The purpose of the Meet is to facilitate interaction and learning between the Indian Harmonica/Mouth Organ Players from all parts of India and abroad and enjoy each other’s performances. This is third National Level Harmonica Players’ Meet  after Kolkata and Delhi.  Harmonica lovers of 15 states from all over India also from USA and Dubai had gathered at Haridwar to attend this meet. The purpose of this festival was to interact with harmonica lovers from all over India, to exchange information about music and harmonica with each other and discuss about promoting harmonica amongst the people in India. the harmonica lovers have been exchanging information in various online groups and forums. There is an online group titled – ‘Indian Mouthorgan Players (IMP)’ in Facebook where Indian Mouthorgan Players discuss about Harmonica with each other. Most of the participants in this festival who usually access the internet are a member of this online group.

The meet was organised as per the following itinerary:

Day 1 - Saturday, 13th September 2014

Registration of members.

Inauguration of IMP Meet 2014

Introduction of the host Shri Gopal Sharma and Himalayan Nritya Kala Sangeet Academy, Haridwar

Lighting of the lamp

Brief speeches by some senior harmonica players and representatives of various harmonica associations followed with Self introduction of delegates.

Shri Bhaskar Chowdhury, Kolkata

Shri Vinayak, Hyderabad

Shri Ajay Vijh, Singrouli

Dr Raghavan Iyengar, Indore

Shri Niranjan Gulwady, Pune

Shri Suhas Mitra, Kolkata

Shri Madhur Bhatia, Agra

Dr Shailendra Kumar, Muzaffarpur
Shri Rahul Joshi, Pune
Shri Sanjay Dattam Bangalore

Educational session on Hindustani Classical by Dr Doordarshi Singh:
This includes brief introduction to Hindustani Classical form of music, Bhatkhande notation reading.

Educational session on the scope of Diatonic Harmonica in Indian setting by Mr B.B. Hagjer - The session inclusive of basic knowledge of diatonic harmonica and practical session on bending notes to play bollywood music.
Question and answer session on Harmonica maintenance and repair. Queries answered by Shri Shri S.G. Helkar
Day 2- Sunday, 14th September 2014

Exhibition of different varieties of Harmonicas and original LPs/Cassetes of eminent harmonicists.
Ghazal sung by special guest Shri S.K. Rohilla and performances by Himalayan Nritya Kala Sangeet Academy members
Group discussion/ question and answer session on Harmonica and Music. Queries were answered by various harmonica players who present at the event.

Tips on home recording by Dr Nakul Dhagat, Bhopal

followed with Performance of delegates along with orchestra.

Memento for IMP Meet 2014 delegates:

Mr Yogesh Tamta from Lucknow presented a beautiful memento to all the delegates who attended this Meet.

We convey sincere thanks to Mr Gopal Sharma and his family who had taken special initiative to make this meet successful.

The event was a grand success and the delegates had a real learning experience with fun. The interactive and educative sessions on harmonica techniques, music theory, harmonica maintenance & repair, harmonica recording at home were quite helpful for the delegates. All the delegates also had the opportunity to perform and enjoy each others’ renditions during their free time.

HaLoH congratulates all the harmonica lovers who attended this festival

Jai Harmonica!

Photo Credits : Mr Rajesh Goswami-Agra, Mr Sanket Nayak-Mumbai

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Prince said...

Ramana Garu,
It is really nice to watch all the photos and if also it would be nice if the videos are also added. Important sessions like harmonica repair, maintenance are important and all those who can`t turn up for the event this videos will help.Also I wish all the members of HaloH all the best and you may add me as a member and also currently I have moved to mumbai kindly share if any members are residing in mumbai or nearby mumbai who could help me to learn this wonderful instrument.I wish HaloH and vinayak garu all the best once again.