Zindagi kaisi hai paheli-Ramana


Anonymous said...

Hello Ramana,

Very touching and warm presentation with snaps of your friends and daughter i suppose..

Have followed your blog with all other possible blogs/sites related harmonica.

I find you and your blog very forthcoming and wonderful

I observed one thing. In the post related to R Bharadwaj(from MP) visit, he is surrounded with a arem in the snaps. This indicates warmth by all of you.

Keep going..

- Veeresh

Anonymous said...

Hello Ramana,

Request or say a favour needed!!

Would you kindly share the Tab you mentioned you followed for this song pls..

I read your answers for Timeout Questionnaire (Yahoo group). Since you are already to an extent mastered harmonica. It woulde be great if your blog shares few tabs for the songs you have already poste..

Thanks in advance
Veeresh (vypatil26@yahoo.com)