Saying Hello! to HaLoH

It was a great excitement to me when i planned a trip to meet Harmonica Lover of Hyderabad Ramana after visiting Keyur bhai in Ahmedabad last month.When my train reached Hyderabad, it was 12:30 midnight. Ramana was there to receive me. It was the most touchy moment i felt ever. There were endless talks about harmonica till 6 am. I learned his practice methodology on harmonica. He is one of the most talented players. On sunday 24th Oct, I went to meet HaLoH members at Indira park. There, I meet Shri Vinayakji who was a student of Great Milon da. He gave me some great tips under "Bodhi" tree. I met several magnificent players like Mr.Rajkumar, Mr.Vijay Konda, Mr. Avinesh Singh, Kailashnath ji,,Mahendra Gala ji, Soni sahab and each of them has his own style of playing harmonica. I thank Ramana and all HaLoH members to make my trip memorable with love and great learning experience.

Please watch this video which showcases my meeting with HaLoH team and my harmonica rendition in the background.

Thank you

Rameshwaram Bhardwaj,



Keyur Shah said...

Dear Raam, lovely video with beautiful pics and harmonica. Pics depicts to what you felt and shared.

Anonymous said...

rameshwaram bhai very well played, tum to acho acho ke dil tadapaoge ;)

raman said...

Dear Rameshwaram, well played on a "C" Chromatic. Your notes are clear as usual and I enjoyed your rendition. I can understand you had a great time with HaLoH members. I'm eagerly waiting for my visit to Hyderabad for HaLoH meet on 26th Dec this month.