Harmonica Lover of the week-Rameshwaram Bhardwaj

Meet Rameshwaram Bhardwaj, a 36 yrs old businessman from Katni (MP). Rameshwaram deals in computer hardware and its maintenance. His journey with harmonica started in 1995 during his college days but it didn't last long. He developed passion for this instrument 2 yrs ago and started playing again. He likes harmonica because he feels that it is compact and it is possible to play all the notes of his favourite Bollywood songs on it.

Rameshwaram always tries to play a particular song in different keys on a 'C' harmonica. He feels that trying to play a song in different keys on the same harmonica is a good way to practice on a chromatic harmonica. He has four chromatic harmonicas of HOHNER make. They are CX-12, 270, Larry Adler 12 and Super 64. Needless to mention that they all are in the key of "C". His all-time favourites are Hohner 270 and Larry Adler 12.

His mentor is Shri S.G.Helkar, an engineer at BSNL Jabalpur. He has learnt a lot about harmonica, especially blowing/drawing techniques to get clean round notes from his mentor. His favourite harmonica players are Shri Milon Gupta and Shri Gautam Choudhury.

Rameshwaram is a regular follower of this blog and keeps in touch with HaLoH members. He has sent us his rendition and we are uploading the same here. Enjoy his video of the song-"Zindagi ka safar" from the movie "Safar". This popular number was sung by KIshore Kumar and picturised on Rajesh Khanna.

HaLoH wishes Rameshwaram all the best in improving his harmonica skills.

Harmonica Our Passion!

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