Indian Mouthorgan Players’ Meet-2015 , Indore

Indian Mouthorgan Players’ Meet-2015 was successfully organised by Harmonica Club of Indore on 3rd and 4th October 2015 at Indore. 

12 harmonica lovers from HaLoH participated in the event. 

The programme was a grand success with  200 harmonica lovers attending the meet from all the corners of India.
The credit for organizing this mega event goes to Harmonica Club of Indore  team-especially Dr Raghavan Iyengar, Shri Girish Deshpande, Dr Mahendra Agarwal, Dr Pramod Bansod, Mr Sumit Takkar, Mr RS Bankura and Dr Pravin Jadia.

The event was a grand success and the delegates had a real learning experience with fun. The interactive and educative sessions on harmonica techniques, music theory were quite helpful for the delegates. All the delegates also had the opportunity to perform and enjoy each others’ renditions during the event.

Team HaLoH presenting a Momento to the Harmonica Club of Indore.

HaLoH congratulates all the harmonica lovers who attended this festival

Creating World Record at Golden Book of World Records:
On 4th October 2015, 200 Indian Mouthorgan Players created the World Record in Golden Book of World Records. HaLoH Members Vinayak, Ramana, Vijay, Vivek, Col CP Sriram, G Raj Kumar, Karthik, Mahendra Gala, A Rajkumar, Naren Jain and  Avinesh Singh  along with other 191 Harmonica Players across India created the World Record of “ 200 people playing harmonica simultaneously” at Indore during Indian Mouthorgan Players’ Meet 2015 organised by Harmonica Club of Indore.
Mr Vinayak Bhosekar of HaLoH cheered at the venue with the Record Certificate 
On 11th October HaLoH team celebrated this achievement at Indira Park Hyderabad, where we held our weekly meetings.
Photo Credits : Mr Rajesh Goswami-Agra, Mr Nakul Dhagat-Bhopal, Mr Avinesh Singh-Hyderabad

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