Harmonica Maintenance and Repair – Hohner Service Workshops’ videos

Team HaLoH has been receiving many mails and requests for information regarding harmonica maintenance and repair.  We are hereby sharing the video links by renowned harmonica manufacturer- M. Hohner. For over 150 years HOHNER brings the joy of music making to people all over the world with the best possible instruments.

The gentleman seen demonstrating in the videos is Mr Steve Baker who had earlier conducted harmonica workshop in Bengaluru. This workshop was attended by HaLoH members B. Vinayak and Ramana along with the harmonica lovers from Bangalore.

We are sharing some videos which are on Hohner Toolkits, Harmonica Cleaning, Assembly, Exchanging Reed Plates, Centering a Reed, Reed Offsetting/adjusting Reed gap, Changing Windsavers, Tuning of the Reeds and Reed replacement.

HOHNER Service Workshops : C01 - Hohner Toolkits

The HOHNER SERVICE WORKSHOPS HARMONICA are designed to show you what a quantum leap you can make if you learn to maintain and repair your instrument yourself. Once you've got the hang of it, you will own instruments which are priceless, because they are set up to reflect your requirements as a player.

HOHNER Service Workshops : C02 – Cleaning

This video "C02  - Cleaning " shows how to clean a HOHNER Chromatic Harmonica.

HOHNER Service Workshops : C02.1 - Assembly

This video " C02.1 - Assembly " introduces into the re-assembly of Chromatic Harmonicas after cleaning or Exchanging a Reedplate.

HOHNER Service Workshops : C03 - Exchanging Reed Plates

This video "C03-Exchanging Reed Plates" shows you how to exchange reed plates using the example of a Hohner Chromonica 64.

HOHNER Service Workshops : C04 - Centering

This video "C04 - Centering" shows you how to center a reed on a harmonica.

HOHNER Service Workshops : C05 - Reed Offsetting

This video "C05 - Reed Offsetting" shows you what's about the reed gap of a harmonica.

HOHNER Service Workshops : C06 - Windsavers

This video "C06-Windsavers" shows how to glue new windsavers on a Chromatic harmonica reedplate.

HOHNER Service Workshops : C07 - Tuning

This video "C07 - Tuning" shows how to tune harmonica reeds using the HOHNER harmonica tuner.

HOHNER Service Workshops : C08 - Reed Replacement

This video "C08 - Reed Replacement" introduces into the Single Reed Replacement of Harmonicas.

HOHNER Service Workshops : C08.1 - Perforated Windsavers

This video "C08.1-Perforated Windsavers" introduces into perforating and glueing a windsafer in order to accommodate the stud head.

This is only for educational purpose and not meant for any commercial use.

We breathe harmonica!

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