HaLoH celebrates Indian Harmonica Day 2012.

HaLoH team celebrated Indian Harmonica Day on 22nd November at Hyderabad. 22nd November was the 82nd birthday of Father of Indian Harmonica-Late Shri Milon Gupta. Milon Da popularised this cute little instrument with his melodies and taught to play Harmonica to many Harmonica Lovers.

Harmonica Lovers of Hyderabad organized a Karaoke musical nite of Bollywood classics on the Harmonica. Two guest players-Shri V.S. Shirali (Mumbai), Shri Swarup Mitra (Raniganj, West Bengal) and other members of Team HaLoH mesmerized the audience with Bollywood classics on that evening for two and half hours. This event was sponsored by M/s Virtusa. Harmonica Lover-Colonel C P Sri Ram was the impeccable Master of Ceremony for the evening.

The audience enjoyed the performances of all the Harmonica Lovers. They clapped along and enjoyed the renditions. The first rendition was our National Song-‘Vandemataram’ by harmonica lover Shri Kailash Nath. The last rendition was our National Anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’ by harmonica lover Shri G. Rajkumar. Some of the guests had tears of joy and hugged the performers. The guests comprised 120+ Music Lovers Including our Maharajah of Pithapuram Shri RVMR Ratna Rao garu, Our Mentor Shri Kantha Rao garu, C.Ramana Play back singer, Shri Kalaga Krishna Mohan AIR Hyderabad Station Manager, Shri Rajeev Srivastava from (Mumbai,) Dr Sita Ram Cardiologist of Apollo, Dr Prasad.

Harmonica Lover of Hyderabad Col C P Sri Ram anchoring the show.
Shri Vinayak (Vice President) speaking about HaLoH, Milon Gupta and Indian Harmonica
Mrs DarshnaPai, Head-Virtusa Hyderabad lighting the lamp.
Media Coverage by AADRI TV (will be telecasted shortly) 
Mrs Darshana Pai addressing the gathering
Maharajah of Pithapuram Shri RVMR Ratna Rao garu felicitating M/s Virtusa on behalf of HaLoH.
Team HaLoH 

Details of the performances are given below.
Vande Mataram --- Kailashnath
Raat ke hum safar--- V S Shirali
Nadia se daria--- Swarup Mitra
Ramayya Vastavayya --- G Rajkumar
Inteha Hogayee --- V S Shirali
Dil hoom hoom kare --- Avinesh Singh
Gata Rahe Mera Dil---Ravi Babu
Wada Karo nahin---Swarup Mitra
Pal Pal Dil Ke Pas---Ramana
Ye Jo Mohabbat Hai--- V S Shirali
Kya hua tera wada---Kailashnath
Tum bi chalo hum bi chale--- Rajeev Srivatsava
Janeman Janeman---Swarup Mitra
Ye dil hai mushkil--- Mahendra Gala
Jeevan Se Bhari--- V S Shirali
Bhanwre ki gunjan--- Ashwin Betai
Mere naina sawan badon--- Swarup Mitra
Kya yahi pyar hai--- Avinesh Singh
Kahin dur jab--- Vijay Konda
Lakhon hai nigaon mein--- Inderjit Singh Soni
O Hansini--- VS Shirali & Ramana
Mere Sapno ki rani --- Nityam Bhimani
Ye dil mujhe bata de--- A Rajkumar
Jare ud jare panchi--- V S Shirali & Swarup Mitra
Sayonara Sayonara--- Ravi Babu
Jana gana mana--- G Rajkumar

The joy on the faces of Harmonica Lovers is inexplicable. HaLoH plans to celebrate Indian Harmonica Day every year.

Harmonica Our Passion!

Team HaLoH


Dileep Naik said...

Congratulations on celebrating Harmonica day.I am glad you all are so active in playing and promoting this beautiful Musical Instrument in Hydrabad. I really appreciate the efforts done by all of you.
I believe so far you all play the chromatic, my suggetion is that you should promote Diatonic Harp also ,I promise you will all enjoy it so much more.
Dileep Naik, Goa

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kaps said...

Dear Ramana and HaLoH,
Great event indeed and fabulous performances!


drtapanmaharana said...

Its a pleasure to see you all under one roof and performing meloooodiously with world's smallest musical instrument .....

Sumanta Basu said...

Three Cheers HaLoH!

xoCIGARS.com said...

Wow, great list for me because I am a true fan of harmonic music. I look forward for your upcoming update. I just collect my Suzuki Harmonica at PIJ. Its really cool.