HaloH celebrates world music day!

Harmonica Lovers of Hyderabad (HaLoH) celebrated world music day this Sunday. The celeberations were held at Tank Bund in the morning and at "Dhola Ri Dhani" resort in the evening. The members of HaLoH gathered at these two public places and performed for the general public.

World Music Day ( FĂȘte de la Musique) originated in France, where since 1982 it has taken place annually on June 21 (or the nearest weekend). The event consists of free performances organized in parks, public squares, sidewalks and indoor venues, as well as unofficial concerts given along city streets. Anyone can make music on World Music Day, in some cases in any location, provided one rule is followed: The music must be free because the performers donate their time for free. Through its 19-year history, the event has gradually caught on internationally, and a host of cities and countries worldwide now observe the day either independently or with help from local French consulates or cultural associations. What is now known internationally as World Music Day is celebrated in 110 countries.

Morning session at Tank Bund:

There was a good response from the passers by at Tank Bund which is located in the heart of the city. One by one, all the members played the harmonica. The passers by stopped for a moment to enjoy the music. Many vehicles slowed down to witness this programme and some even stopped for a moment to enjoy the event. Few pics of harmonica lovers and passers by taken at Tank Bund are pasted below.

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