Harmonica lover of the week Mr Anand, a retired defence personnel

During 62 year old Anand's college days in Chennai, one unknown person used to play melodies on the harmonica (not a beggar :-)) for the people at a bus stop everyday at a particular time. That harmonica player inspired Mr Anand to pick up harmonica. 20 years ago, he recorded two instrumental cassettes on his favorite tower harmonica. Shortly, we will share those numbers with you. With the increasing age and responsibilities Mr Anand hardly touched the harmonica but after seeing the enthusiasm of HaLoH, he wants to revamp his harmonica. Though he never played for years, he agreed to play a number for us. Watch this video and encourage this harmonica lover.


Keyur Shah said...

Sirji, very much enjoyed your playing. Pl don't give up now.

Satish said...

i liked the clarity of your playing.Please provide us your valuable suggestions for achieving breathing control and clarity