Internet bridges the gap between harmonica lovers..

Raman Khandelwal (Popularly known as KK-Kromatic Khandelwal) a virtual member of HaLoH came across one of his childhood friend Vijaykrishna Pilla(who now stays in USA) on internet after 20 years. KK was happy to learn that VK Pilla use to playing the flute during his school days also developed same passion for harmonica recently. VK Pilla who was on an official trip to India( New Delhi) last week made it a point to meet KK at Pink city without fail. KK and VK Pilla met after 21 years had a good time discussion about harmonica and music. VK Pilla native of Hyderabad learnt about harmonica happenings at HaLoH , immediately he called us from Jaipur and confirmed about his participation in this week’s HaLoH meeting at Indira Park.

Today, On his arrival he offered us Pheeni(A famous sweet dish of Jaipur) “sweets” are really “sweet”. Later we had a great musical session which included with his flute recital.

Mr VK Pilla left the park loaded with love and affection of Harmonica Lovers of Hyderabad.

We wish to meet him during his next visit to India.

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