HaLoH meeting at Pink City

From Gurgaon, I visited Jaipur to meet the virtual member of HaLoH Mr Raman Khandelwal popularly known as KK (Kromatic Khandelwal). We met for the first time. On Sunday morning, we called Hyderabad and spoke to all HaLoH members who assembled at Indira park.

I know KK through a social network because we both are harmonica enthusiasts. Raman K, is a 35 years old businessman from Jaipur. Music (Harmonica) and Soft Skills training especially “Body language” (non verbal communication) skills for sales effectiveness are his hobbies. He was brought up in Vijayawada, AP and is now settled in Jaipur (Pink city). I stayed in their home for two days and received lot of love and affection from all their family members which I cannot forget in my life time. Apart from the harmonica session at his home, I liked the Rajasthani dishes and other items like Pav Bhaji and a variety of sandwiches. His family gifted me a Rajasthani bandhej dress material for my better half. KK and I roamed all around in Jaipur while talking about only harmonica. I took some lessons from him on Music theory during this trip. No wonder he is very good at explaining things and has taught some basics of musical theory to some harmonica lovers. KK promised me to visit Hyderabad this year.

KK, All HaLoH members are waiting for you to share their love.


Keyur Shah said...

There is one more lovely nick which has been awarded to Raman other than KK -

"Oxford Dictionary of Harmonica" :-)

Avinesh Kumar Singh said...

Hi Raman and Ramana,
Lucky to have friends like you !!
Hope i also get a chance to eat Rajasthani dishes and few music theory lessons.
Cheers !! Avinesh

raman said...

Most welcome Avinesh. Hope to see you guys soon. Keyur, arey bhai yeh nick name se mujhe chhutkaara de do. Zabardasti aap logon ne yeh naam mujhe de diya.

Keyur Shah said...

Raman, chhutkaara tabhi ho sakata hai jab koi aaye, apan knowledge dikhaye aur ye title le jaay.. ... Tab tak to ye tumse chipka rahega.. lol.. ;-) :-)