January 17 - another encouraging day for HaLoH

On Sunday "Siasat" (one of the oldest Urdu Dailies published from Hyderabad) sent two of their correspondents to interview HaLoH.

They videographed interviews and renderings on the harmonica from all present. They have suggested to us that the raw footage captured would, after editing, be put up on their website; www.siasat.com and also play it over their FM channel "107.8 which is to be launched shortly. The dates for these events will be communicated to us shortly.

They have also offered to provide us a platform in the form of an auditorium, if we can put up a 2 to 3 hour musical show accompanied by an orchestra.

By and large it was a good day but for the fact that Mr Ramana, who is our front man, was traveling and missed the event. It would have been more fun with him around.

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